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Five More Things

It's Saturday again. 


This week, since FOOD is on my mind (big-time), I'll share five food-related Things About Me.

11.  I hate oatmeal.  I have always hated oatmeal.  My mom knew I hated oatmeal.  But once, when I was about 8 or 9, the advertisements on TV for NEW, INSTANT, FLAVORED Quaker's oatmeal convinced me that maybe NOW I would like oatmeal.  I begged my mom.  I pleaded with my mom.  She told me. . . you HATE oatmeal.  I said No-No-No, not this new, instant, flavored oatmeal; it's different!  She reiterated that. . . you HATE oatmeal.  Finally, though, she caved.  With the caveat that I would HAVE TO EAT IT.  Guess what?  I HATED it!  The new, instant, flavored oatmeal was even more hideous than the old, old-fashioned, regular-flavored oatmeal.  My mom, though, stuck to her guns (she was like that!).  She made me eat it.  When I finally whined my way out of it at breakfast (I'm sure I had shattered every nerve in her body), she assured me I'd have it for lunch.  And. . . I did.  It became a standoff.  I sat at the table -- with that gross, new, instant, flavored oatmeal in front of me -- for about 3 or 4 hours.  She would not let me leave the table.  I would not eat the oatmeal.  Finally, in a fit of parenting brilliance, she pretended not to notice while I poured it down the sink.  I have not eaten oatmeal since.

12.  I love appetizers.  Love. Them.  I adore tapas restaurants!

13.  I love chewy chocolate chip cookies  Tom loves crispy chocolate chip cookies.  I bake more than he does, so I tend to win that battle!

14.  I love olives!  I have always loved olives.  As a child, one of my cousins and I used to get in trouble at family meal gatherings because we would eat ALL of the olives from the pickle trays before anyone else had a crack at them.  As an adult, no one else in my family likes olives.  That doesn't stop me -- I cook with olives all the time.  More For Me!  That 's my mottos!

15.  I am not a vegetarian, but I don't eat much red meat.  Just don't like it all that much. 

Have a great weekend!


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I didn't like oatmeal much until I was an adult. It's one of my favorite breakfasts! The flavored stuff is yucky!!
Tapas is one of my favorite ways to eat, too. In fact, I ate at a tapas restaurant last night. SO good.
When I was eight I ate dozens and dozens of canned black olives. I was sick all night long and really haven't liked them since, but I love good, gourmet style olives of all sorts. They add such great flavor to food.
This more things about you has become 5 things about me! LOL


I wasn't fond of oatmeal as a kid but when I make it for myself now...with little goodies added, like raisins & brown sugar, or peaches...I like it fine! And it'll lower cholesterol...

Never heard of a tapas restaurant before. Sounds very cool and somewhere I'd like to try. :)


A propos of nothing, Kym, thanks to a previous post of yours, I bought one of those little square Nano things, and am having a ball with it. Particularly knitting podcasts and the pedometer. A great little gadget and introduction to the larger computer technology world. Also, it's red, my favorite color. Thanks.


I like oatmeal -- but I'm very picky about it. LOVE that story!

I've never eaten at a tapas restaurant, but now I want to.

Mmm. Chewy. My favorite recipe is from an old Consumer Reports magazine!

I've never met an olive that I didn't like. Love love love.


I think oatmeal is one of those things that people are passionate about. Either you LOVE it or you HATE it. There doesn't seem to be a happy middle ground for oatmeal.

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