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Ain't No Sunshine

Finally.  A knitting project I can blog about!  But first. . . hit it, Joan*.

Tom's job requires him to take a couple of extended trips to Mumbai each year.  I cast on for this vest . . .


as he left for Mumbai last month.  It was about the same time that you could really start noticing how short the days were getting . . . and I found "Ain't No Sunshine" running through my head.

As always, Bonne Marie Burns' (ChicKnits) patterns are fabulous.  Well-written and clear, stylish without being over-designed, and totally wearable.  You can find details on my Ravelry page (here).

I'm often drawn to colorful, highly-textured sweater designs with complicated cables.  I like the challenge of knitting them and I like to look at them.  Problem is. . . I don't like wearing them.  I'm finally understanding this . . . and accepting that, when it comes right down to it, I like to wear comfortable, simple designs.  This one fits the bill!  It's really perfectly matched to "my style" -- and I'll probably cast on for another one before too long.


Tom's been back for a couple of weeks now, and the days are shorter yet.  Still, there's a lot more sunshine in my life - when he's home.


* I know this video clip of Joan Osborne isn't the best quality, but, wow, can she belt it out!  If you haven't heard her since the 90s and What if God Were One of Us, you should check out this album - great blues and R&B songs from the 60s and 70s.  One of my favorites!


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Very nice vest! I've not done cables yet...have to get over the lace knitting and the teddy bears before I try something new!


I love Joan's album, too. The vest looks so warm and cozy! Well done. I might make it in the pullover version.

Diana Troldahl

Love that vest, and Love Joan Osborne's music, too!

I think she also did a parody version of her own song... "What if God Smoked Cannibas" or something like that

Diana Troldahl

uh CANNABIS not Cannibas)


Love that vest... will have to check your Rav page, the yarn is perfect! (Another one for the queue!)


Beautiful job Kym! I've got a new knitted vest on today to blog it soon. You've got me thinking that could be next - attractive front and back! :-)


Great sweater vest! I like the simple look too. I subscribed to a newsletter for cable lovers for a couple of years; the sweaters were beautiful, but I couldn't see myself ever wearing them.

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