Closed for the Season



As I've mentioned before, Halloween is not really a Big Deal kind of holiday for me.  But here I am, munching on miniature-sized Milky Way bars and waiting for the kids to come around!


No pumpkin for me this year, though.  This is one of Erin's creations from years gone by.

My neighborhood is ready, too.  Signs like this are all over my neighborhood today.


The signs are a nice touch - but I cringe whenever I read them.  Drive slowLY.

And so you'll understand that I haven't always been a Halloween-Scrooge, here are some images from Halloweens past. . . (I was a little Scrooge-y even then. . . but we had fun!)

1992 - Brian's first; Erin was in preschool.

Halloween 1992

Here's Erin in. . . I think 2nd grade.

Pirate chick

and Brian sometime in preschool.


We vant to suck your bloooooood. . . .

Vampire teeth

Brian was a knight in shining armor in kindergarten. . .

Brian in K

the same year Erin was Dorothy (my favorite kid-costume of all time).

Erin as dorothy

Erin always loved carving pumpkins and playing around with the "innards."


Brian was always a ham. . . in 5th grade as James Bond. . .

2002 007

in 6th grade as a hula girl. . .


and in his final trick-or-treat appearance . . . as Tiny Tim.


Bless us, every one!  Have a wonderful Halloween!


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Halloween was last night, here in lovely Utah. I love the Dracula mouths! If only I had a candy bar to snack on! ;-)


Love all the pictures!

I'm basically anti-Halloween also but I did thoroughly enjoy the 42 little goblins we had at our door tonight!


So cute! I love getting to see all the photos of when the kids were small.

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