Friday Round Up: Project Edition
Freeze Out!

Temporary Return to the Nest

Guess who's home for a visit?


It's good to have him around for a few days.  To hear his stories and see how he's doing and . . . well. . . take care of him again!


College suits him.  He's having a great time and managing well in a new environment.  But it's still nice to be able to spoil him a little bit!  You know. . . doing his laundry. . .


"re-stocking" his stuff . . .


cooking his favorite meals!


He'll be around 'til Tuesday.  I didn't realize how much I missed him. . .


until he came back home! 


Actual shopping experience:  Brian and I went to the mall to get him some new jeans, etc.  At one store, we saw a mom and her absolutely miserable, eye-rolling son.  The kid looked like he was in typical middle school agony. . . you know, shopping IN PUBLIC with his mom.  He was skulking about, trying to look cool and not-in-any-way-WITH-his-mother.  Behind us in line to check out, Brian overheard the mom say, "See?  HE shops with his mom!"  (Meaning. . . Brian.)  Brian got such a kick out of it!  I wanted to turn to the beleagured mom and assure her that . . . it'll be okay again. . . once he turns 18. . . just hang in there!



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Brian must love all the pampering!!




LOL at the shopping experience!


boy did this hit home... 2 years to go : )- enjoy your Boy!


Haha, because Brian was the eye-roller just a couple of years ago, himself! Isn't it great when they swing on by for a few days? Enjoy!


Ah yes. The years when Mom & Dad are so unbearable! And then when they get into college they WANT to shop with Mom & Dad so they won't have to pay. :)

Enjoy the long weekend!

The house seems extra quiet though when they leave again.


Enjoy your week-end with him around - and it doesn't matter if you spoil him! That's what moms do best!


and oh you are SO right!!!! We had parent weekend this past weekend and it was WONDERFUL having an 18 yr. old that totally appreciated every damn thing we put in the cart at Walmart!!! Enjoy your short few days with your son.... He's a Keeper!!!
xoxoxo for the well wishes


I dread the thought of my J leaving..and she's only in 2nd grade.....
Hope his travels were safe today

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