Friday Round Up: Project Edition
Freeze Out!

Temporary Return to the Nest

Guess who's home for a visit?


It's good to have him around for a few days.  To hear his stories and see how he's doing and . . . well. . . take care of him again!


College suits him.  He's having a great time and managing well in a new environment.  But it's still nice to be able to spoil him a little bit!  You know. . . doing his laundry. . .


"re-stocking" his stuff . . .


cooking his favorite meals!


He'll be around 'til Tuesday.  I didn't realize how much I missed him. . .


until he came back home! 


Actual shopping experience:  Brian and I went to the mall to get him some new jeans, etc.  At one store, we saw a mom and her absolutely miserable, eye-rolling son.  The kid looked like he was in typical middle school agony. . . you know, shopping IN PUBLIC with his mom.  He was skulking about, trying to look cool and not-in-any-way-WITH-his-mother.  Behind us in line to check out, Brian overheard the mom say, "See?  HE shops with his mom!"  (Meaning. . . Brian.)  Brian got such a kick out of it!  I wanted to turn to the beleagured mom and assure her that . . . it'll be okay again. . . once he turns 18. . . just hang in there!