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October 2010

Just an Ordinary Day

Soundtrack. . .

My poor Mom.  One minute, she's setting up the recycling in her garage.


And the next?


Accidents will happen.  But they are no fun!  Especially when it means. . . no driving; no Zumba; no knitting; no gardening . . . and . . . having your husband as your hair stylist!

A Long and Winding Road

We're taking it on the road this Tuesday!  Carole has us counting out Ten Ways to Have Fun on Long Car Rides.  Hmmmmm.  Fun.  Long Car Rides.  These two things don't go together.  Surviving Long Car Rides is more like it for me!

(Actual photo of me . . . on a long car trip. . . during a long traffic jam. . .)

Our family has taken many a long (and successful) car trip.  Here's how we get through:

1 -- Music.  (We used to pack along huge piles of CD.  Our iPods have changed that!  Now, we just plug our iPods into our car-player and we've got music for weeks!)


2 -- Audio books.  (Again, we used to pack audio books on CD, but now . . . just an iPod.)

3 -- Laughs.  (I highly recommend Garrison Keillor's "Pretty Good Jokes" CD collections.  Great for car trips!)

April 24 090

4 -- Treats.  (For some reason, we like Tootsie Roll Pops and pretzels on our car trips.  Whenever someone whines or complains, we just cram a pretzel in their mouth.)


5 -- Photography.  (When bored, we take photos of weird stuff out the car window . . . or each other.)


6 -- Games.  (The alphabet-sign game; the car-license-plate game; car bingo; handheld electronic games.)

7 -- Naps.  (Not for the driver, of course.  Neck pillows really help.)

April 24 091

8 -- Hawks.  (Counting them; it's amazing how many you can find . . . if you know where to look!)

9 -- Road signs.  (We tend toward general silliness over the names of cities, counties, towns, or rivers.  We have had, for example, WAY too much fun with places like "Buncombe County" in North Carolina and "Wetumpka" in Alabama.  WAY too much fun.)

April 24 088

10 -- Coffee.  (Large coffee!)

Happy travels!


Now With Awesome Color!

I take Jenny for a walk every afternoon. Rain or shine.  All seasons.  Two miles.  It is definitely the highlight of her day, and it's a great way for me to unwind and switch gears and check out what's happening in my neighborhood.


The fall colors in my neck of the woods are really quite amazing this year!  I think it's because we had a quick, cold spell. . . followed by a quick, hot spell. . . and no rain or storms.  So the leaves got a fast start at their color change, and they're hanging on.  Things are really brilliant.  So I thought I'd take you along. . . on my walk yesterday afternoon with Jenny.  Here we go!


Looking down. . . leaves are beginning to collect in the gutters.


Looking up. . . that's where the show really begins!


The colors are just exploding this year!







My favorite trees, though, are the ones where the leaves show the color changes in a more subtle way; the leaves where you can see the gradations of color.  Like this. . .


Or this. . .


Or this. . .


I'm not sure if Jenny appreciates the changing beauty of the fall around her. . . but she loves our fall walks anyway.  Besides. . . her good friends, The Squirrels, are everywhere! 


Yep, there's something for everyone on a walk in the fall!

Friday Round Up: Gorgeous Edition

It's Friday, and I'm surrounded by gorgeous!


It's fall.  But warm.  And everything is bathed in a golden light!


My roses are truly going to town!


They are exploding with blooms.  It's such a delight at this time of year. . .


to see so many blooms!

And the leaves are starting to do some really interesting things.


Even my knitting is gorgeous right now.  A big fluff pile of kid silk haze.


My next step on this project is . . . grafting the two ends (80 stitches each side).  Mohair.  Grafting.  Not something I'm really looking forward to.  But gorgeous all the same!

And look at this gorgeous pup!


Ready for a walk . . . or a romp in the yard.


The only thing that's not so gorgeous right now . . . is this.


Yes, this, my friends, is a rare sight in my house.  An empty wine rack!  Not to worry, though.  My gorgeous husband will see that it's filled tonight!

Enjoy a gorgeous weekend!

My Head is Spinnin'

Anybody else remember this song?

It was one of my very favorites . . . back in 1969!

And here it is, today, playing through my head, all the time.  Yep.  It's the current #1 song in the Soundtrack of My Life.  (It moved up this week . . . with a bullet.)

I'm liking my new job just fine.  But.  My head is spinnin'!  Thank goodness for yoga. . . and knitting.

Free Fallin'

Today. . . let's talk about Fall.  Ten things to like about it, that is!  But first . . . a fall song.  Or, a free-fallin' song, I should say.  Hit it, Tom!

I really like fall!


  1. Crisp, clear air
  2. Clouds . . . so different from summer clouds
  3. Apples (especially Honey Crisp)
  4. Pumpkin-flavored everything
  5. Halloween candy 
  6. Sweaters
  7. The colors
  8. Leaves -- falling through the air and crunching under foot
  9. Squash (especially butternut)
  10. Hot tea


Enjoy the free-fallin' fall!




Ch-ch-ch-change and Face the Strange!

Soundtrack time, again.  One of my favorite songs from high school. . .

Yep, there are Big Ch-ch-ch-changes going on. 

Today, I begin a new job.  Full time.  Oh, I've been . . . easing in . . . for the last several weeks.  But today . . . it's all official.  All day.  All the time.  This is a Good Thing.  I'm excited.  (And besides. . . my kids are gone now.  And their tuition?  Oh, yeah.  This is the big double-dip year.)

So.  Ch-ch-ch-change and face the strange!  Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Unfortunately, I'm still wrapping up a big project for another client.  So. . . in the next bit of time. . . something might have to give.  Not sure - right now - what that will be.  Knitting?  Gardening?  The blog?  Sleep?  Not quite sure.  But, hang with me.

Time may change me. . . But I can't trace time!


Friday Round Up: Catch-as-Catch-Can Edition

Well.  It's been a busy week.  Time for a Friday Round Up. . . catch-as-catch can!


My garden is winding down for the season.  I think it's lovely at this time of year -- although quite hit-and-miss.  My roses are blooming their little hearts out right now.  I think they know it's their last blast!


We may even get a frost this weekend.  Kind of early. . . but, then, the weather has been a bit crazy all season!


I really love the structure . . .


of a garden winding down . . .


for the season!


I haven't done a "purchase of the week" post in a long time.  But, clearly, I've been busy "purchasing."  I got this in the mail this week. . .


Oh, brother!  I've got "gold member status" at Eddie Bauer.  What does that mean, exactly?  Well.  It means I've spent way too much time and money shopping there.  (It's not a credit card; just a frequent buyer card.)  This makes me feel a little silly, actually.  And sort of . . . creeped out. . . by the fact that they track my shopping.  (I'm not naive . . . I just would prefer to live in the illusion that my life is my own!)


I know that patterned rubber boots are popular these days . . . but I had No Idea what an absolute RAGE they are on the college fashion scene until last weekend at The Pull.  There were so many (so VERY many) girls running around in boots . . .


that even Tom (who is, trust me, typically blind to fashion!) noticed!  They were EVERYwhere!


And speaking of fashion . . . how about that Mondo?


Way to work a color combo . . . not to mention stepping away from your own edge!



Tomorrow - October 2 - is Livestrong Day.


Check the Livestrong website for information, resources, and support.  If you - or someone you know - is dealing with cancer, be sure to check out the Livestrong Guidebook.  You can order this great tool for FREE.  The guidebook (two volumes) provides solid, pertinent information designed to help cancer patients and their families navigate the health care system and understand what's going on at every phase of the journey -- from diagnosis to survivorship.  Also included -- organizational tools and journaling guides.  Live. Strong.


In knitting news. . . well, there really isn't any.  I've been knitting on a secret project -- a Christmas gift for someone who reads this blog regularly, so. . . Do Not Open 'til Christmas. . . totally applies!

But. . . you might be interested in learning that . . . Twist Collective patterns are NOT test knit . . . and tend to be fraught with errata.  Hmmmmmm.  I'm feeling a rant coming on.  But not today.  Because . . .

it's the weekend!  Have a good one!