Free Fallin'
Friday Round Up: Gorgeous Edition

My Head is Spinnin'

Anybody else remember this song?

It was one of my very favorites . . . back in 1969!

And here it is, today, playing through my head, all the time.  Yep.  It's the current #1 song in the Soundtrack of My Life.  (It moved up this week . . . with a bullet.)

I'm liking my new job just fine.  But.  My head is spinnin'!  Thank goodness for yoga. . . and knitting.


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I definitly remember the song! And a new job is the time when your head spins and you're dizzy. :)


I can totally relate- be gentle with yourself...and belated good wishes to you in your new work


OMG, I knew before I even clicked over from Google Reader that it was DIZZY!! That's one of the few 45s that I actually remember buying... it was sort of an obsession... I didn't even have a record player to play it on at the time!
; )


I remember it too although I was on the other side of the globe at the time :)

It's good you have a long weekend to recover from the spinning head of the new job, enjoy !

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