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The Halloween List!

Now, I'm one of those people who just . . . don't consider Halloween a favorite holiday!  (Sorry, Erin.)  Now that my kids are out of the house, I'm sort of scrooge-y about the whole thing.  No costumes; no carved pumpkin; no front-yard graveyard.  But I'll be handing out candy at my front door, so I'm not a total bah-humbug!

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Let's set the mood with a little music while I see if I can come up with any kind of list.

Ten Things to Love About Halloween:

  1. Miniature size Snickers bars
  2. Miniature size Milky Way bars
  3. Miniature size Hershey bars
  4. Miniature size Starburst packs
  5. Miniature size Almond Joy bars
  6. Miniature size Kit Kat bars
  7. Miniature size Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
  8. Miniature size M&M packs
  9. Miniature size Whopper's packs
  10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (midnight showing, of course!)


Now that wasn't so hard after all! 




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Love it! I'm not a huge Halloween person either. Think I might need one of those pumpkins though!


Great list! I forgot about all the mini's! Too many to choose from!!


I just told Carole I was the Halloween grinch! The candy is good, however. ;-D

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Hokey Pete! You need to come to our house to experience the full Halloween. (No minis here!) I'm even boarding the dog this year because it's too much for him.

Here's the picture: Victorian/Stick house, entryway decorated with scary Halloween-y props (kids must enter... unless they're wee ones), antique medical stuff, fog machine, assorted lights, LOUD scary organ music in the background. (OK, it's all my DH's doing, not me. I just hand out the candy. Full size.) High-schoolers in costume are welcome, too! All good fun, I figure! (I had this debate with a friend...)

LOVE the pumpkin, by the way. We still have to get ours! I hope there are some good ones left!


Excellent list, and excellent pumpkin!


I'm with you...not into Halloween...except for the candy and the fun of giving it away to all the little ones at the door and then eating the leftovers!

Diana Troldahl

I'm just the opposite, I think, I LOVE All Hallow's Eve, but I hate people coming to the door for candy and never give any out (our porch light is burned out, too, which helps).
To me it is a religious holiday :-}


All my favorite things for Halloween! I never was much for it, either, even as a kid -- except for the candy, of course.
; )

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