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Friday Round Up: Weekend Edition

I'll just start off today's post with this little guy I found in my garden today. . .


He's working so hard, despite the season!

Me, too.  Working hard, that is.  I'm adjusting pretty well to working full time.  It helps that I enjoy my job and like the people I work with.  I'm still finding time to do most of the things I like to do . . . knitting, reading, cooking, walking Jenny, blogging.  I'm having a hard time, though, finding a way to fit my workouts into my life!  I used to swim a couple of times a week, take a dance class, and do pilates -- all in the mornings.  I tried to swim earlier in the morning.  Ugh.  It's just so hard to drag yourself to a pool. . . with all of your gear and clothes. . . at 6:00 am.  I'm having a problem getting motivated for that!  And I tried the treadmill and eliptical routines.  Ugh.  I'm having a problem with the boredom factor, even WITH my iPod.  I'm going to try Zumba next week -- it meets in the evenings.  It might be a good substitute for my dance class.  I'll figure this out, eventually!  (Just going to have to cut down on the Ben & Jerry's in the meantime. . .)

I'm also re-thinking the way I blog.  I usually try to . . . say something. . . each day of the work week.  I think I'm just going to go into a more free-flowing routine.  Maybe my Friday Round Ups will become. . . Weekend Round Ups.  Maybe Ten on Tuesday will be . . . Ten on SOME Tuesdays.  I'm not so sure what will happen.  But I don't want to give up the blog.  (I also don't want to be trapped by the blog!)

I just finished reading Nicole Krauss' new book, Great House.


Oh, man.  It's another five-star book!  I adored her last book, History of Love.  This one is just as good -- although I don't think it's quite as moving.  While I had to stop reading - frequently - just to gasp, or think, or re-read - I didn't cry (or even feel like it).  The book is about loss, and loneliness, memories and family connections, dealing with being . . . left.  (In hindsight, it may not have been a good choice for me to read just now -- when Erin has decided to move even farther away after she graduates in May; when I've had enough time away from him to discover I actually DO miss having Brian around; when Tom is away in Mumbai.  Just sayin'.)  Anyway.  It's an excellent book. 

I've been doing some knitting. . .


It's Bonne Marie Burns' Mondo Cable Vest.  I'm making it in honor of my fav Project Runway designer, Mondo!  (That's really not true; it's been in my queue for a long time.  But I am in the Mondo-corner for this week's PR season finale!)  The knitting is easy and quite relaxing.

I'm ready to be inspired. . .


My favorite issue of the year arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  I plan to sit down with a cup of tea and. . .well, drool. . . later this afternoon.

And check this out. . .


Last week when I was dropping Brian back on campus (after his fall break), I stopped in at one of my favorite Holland downtown shops, The Bridge.  This is such a cool store -- it's a 100% Fair Trade shop, featuring jewelry, scarves, baskets, art objects, and unique handmade gifts from over 35 developing countries.  I love the interesting things they carry.  I visit often -- and this time, I came home with this wonderful necklace and earrings.  Fun!  (If you're ever in Holland, be sure to drop in!)

Have a great weekend!


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Thanks for the book reccy -- just requested History of Love from the library. Great sweater and necklace!


Looks like a wonderful book to add to my list. I hope you can find that perfect balance between everything. I'm searching for it myself! Best wishes for a great weekend.

Diana Troldahl

What a brave little Clematis!
I am reviewing the new Top Secret Recipes 3, including some from Spago and other high end restaurants (Spago's squash soup sounds perfect)
It is much better than I expected it to be, as I don't normally go in for clone recipes.


Tonight is the first night I've really missed cable since giving it up -- I've been watching PR online, so will have to wait... and hope I don't run into a spoiler before I get a chance to watch! (I'm a Mondo fan, too!)

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