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Friday Round Up: Gorgeous Edition

It's Friday, and I'm surrounded by gorgeous!


It's fall.  But warm.  And everything is bathed in a golden light!


My roses are truly going to town!


They are exploding with blooms.  It's such a delight at this time of year. . .


to see so many blooms!

And the leaves are starting to do some really interesting things.


Even my knitting is gorgeous right now.  A big fluff pile of kid silk haze.


My next step on this project is . . . grafting the two ends (80 stitches each side).  Mohair.  Grafting.  Not something I'm really looking forward to.  But gorgeous all the same!

And look at this gorgeous pup!


Ready for a walk . . . or a romp in the yard.


The only thing that's not so gorgeous right now . . . is this.


Yes, this, my friends, is a rare sight in my house.  An empty wine rack!  Not to worry, though.  My gorgeous husband will see that it's filled tonight!

Enjoy a gorgeous weekend!


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Aren't fall pictures just the best?? Can't beat them! :)

Diana Troldahl

What a great shot of Jenny!!!
Fabulous :-}


Wonderful photos! You can totally grafted that fluff. Then you can have a glass of wine to celebrate. ;^)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Kid silk haze---knitter's crack! ; )


Gorgeous! :)

Mary Reed Kelly

Dear Kym, I just happened on this one day when I was curious about what you were up to. Then I lost it and now I've found it again. First, it's a beautiful blog -- and a wonderful example to all of us of seeing the beauty in life for which to be grateful. But second, I am embarrassed to say that I had no idea of what's been going on with you since I knew you in GR. Can I come visit you? I'm so moved by your words and pictures and resiliency. You can contact me at Hope to talk soon, stay strong, you're amazing, Mary Reed Kelly


Your garden is impressive and your yard is what I once dreamed I'd have. A pile of KSH is about as beautiful as anything can be. It's incredible for a shawl or wrap. Can't wait to see what you're creating. You sweet grrl has a face that breaks hearts!


Beautiful post but that empty wine rack made me a little twitchy! :-)


Oh, the wine rack is empty!!! Okay, need you to share - reasonalbe price - white or red - wine that you really like.

(I need something to sip on while I enjoy my new balcony!) :)

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