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Friday Round Up: Catch-as-Catch-Can Edition

Well.  It's been a busy week.  Time for a Friday Round Up. . . catch-as-catch can!


My garden is winding down for the season.  I think it's lovely at this time of year -- although quite hit-and-miss.  My roses are blooming their little hearts out right now.  I think they know it's their last blast!


We may even get a frost this weekend.  Kind of early. . . but, then, the weather has been a bit crazy all season!


I really love the structure . . .


of a garden winding down . . .


for the season!


I haven't done a "purchase of the week" post in a long time.  But, clearly, I've been busy "purchasing."  I got this in the mail this week. . .


Oh, brother!  I've got "gold member status" at Eddie Bauer.  What does that mean, exactly?  Well.  It means I've spent way too much time and money shopping there.  (It's not a credit card; just a frequent buyer card.)  This makes me feel a little silly, actually.  And sort of . . . creeped out. . . by the fact that they track my shopping.  (I'm not naive . . . I just would prefer to live in the illusion that my life is my own!)


I know that patterned rubber boots are popular these days . . . but I had No Idea what an absolute RAGE they are on the college fashion scene until last weekend at The Pull.  There were so many (so VERY many) girls running around in boots . . .


that even Tom (who is, trust me, typically blind to fashion!) noticed!  They were EVERYwhere!


And speaking of fashion . . . how about that Mondo?


Way to work a color combo . . . not to mention stepping away from your own edge!



Tomorrow - October 2 - is Livestrong Day.


Check the Livestrong website for information, resources, and support.  If you - or someone you know - is dealing with cancer, be sure to check out the Livestrong Guidebook.  You can order this great tool for FREE.  The guidebook (two volumes) provides solid, pertinent information designed to help cancer patients and their families navigate the health care system and understand what's going on at every phase of the journey -- from diagnosis to survivorship.  Also included -- organizational tools and journaling guides.  Live. Strong.


In knitting news. . . well, there really isn't any.  I've been knitting on a secret project -- a Christmas gift for someone who reads this blog regularly, so. . . Do Not Open 'til Christmas. . . totally applies!

But. . . you might be interested in learning that . . . Twist Collective patterns are NOT test knit . . . and tend to be fraught with errata.  Hmmmmmm.  I'm feeling a rant coming on.  But not today.  Because . . .

it's the weekend!  Have a good one!


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Love the pictures! Freeze warning for us tonight. I've got a couple plants I'm going to cover.

I hope I or my family never needs it but great info about the Livestrong guide books. Always good to know things like that....


Your garden looks good to me in any stage and stop giving them your details when you shop there or maybe we should not use their member card or whatever,,, but I am good, I didn't receive anything gold from them,,, LOL

I wonder where this Twist Collective story is going, I find it really interesting as I have some personal experience connected to it.


Love the garden photos! I really hope those boots were only so popular because it was muddy for The Pull. I hate to think we'll be seeing them when it's not muddy or wet out.

We really do love that Mondo. I was telling Joan last night we all need to adopt him.

I'm so disappointed in the girls behind Twist.

Diana Troldahl

It is very common not to have anyone test knit a pattern on behalf of a magazine.
The designer is saddled with that responsibility, these days.
Some magazines will however provide technical editing. (Knit Circus has a tech editor look at patterns before publication for example)
I often edit my own designs, after putting them aside for a time.
I also have had interested parties do a test knit on a pattern.
Regardless of my own methods, errors sometimes make it through, despite my best efforts. (sad sigh)
It is not economically feasible for me to hire my own tech editor, and I have heard that even then, errors slip through. I think current going rate is around $75 for a tech editor for a basic pattern in one size. Much more if you have pattern grading.
I am taking things more slowly, which helps, and also double and triple checking by knitting through the tricky bits on two or three samples, to be as sure as I can be that there are no errors.
A customer found a particularly embarrassing mistake In August on a pattern I had for sale, and I realized I adjusted the pattern for a different market, and totally got the RS and WS written down wrong (blush).
I get irritated by errata in patterns I purchase too, so I totally get that side as well.
Anyway, guess this is a long meandering post :-}


Thanks for the fashion review...I' SO very behind because I never see the younger set of folks. The boots are rad and Mondo's pants are beyond fabulous. I'd love a pair, truly. The leaves are just starting to turn here in our valley. Signs of fall become more prevalent. It must be amazing to be in your garden. Eddie Bauer is my favorite place to shop, too. We're in the same Frequent Buyer club!


I adore Mondo. I understand his stoic demeanor which made his confession all the more touching. A true inspiration for creating beauty from whatever you are given in life.


I love your garden photos... I really need to get out and pay some attention to mine as it goes to bed.

I love Mondo more and more each week! Now that I've given up cable, PR is the one show I must dial up ASAP on the internet!

Thank you for the Livestrong linkety... big appointment looming for my sis this week.

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