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Freeze Out!


This week's Ten on Tuesday has us looking into our freezers. . . and telling all!  My freezer is, well, weak on interesting content, so maybe this song will distract you from my dull, Dull, DULL freezer!

Yep.  My freezer contains. . .


1 -- Frosty mugs (just waiting for a beer)

2 -- Ice (in the icemaker)


3 -- Frozen vegetables

4 -- Frozen meat


5 -- Ice packs (both for the cooler AND for treating injuries)

6 -- My ice cream maker bowl attachment (it's in the back; WAY in the back)


7 -- Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce

8 -- My own pesto

9 -- Frozen cubes of fresh basil

10 -- Ben & Jerry's!

What's in YOUR freezer?


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My batch of Vicki's tomato sauce looks much like yours! I have a bit more, however. ;-)
Thanks for my morning fix of Bruuuce!!

PS. Let me know about Great House. It's next on my stack!


Hey, that looks familiar!!
; )


Umm. Ben & Jerry's. Yum. :)


I love the Ben and Jerry's!!!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Your freezer looks pretty good to me---you have Vicki's pasta sauce and Ben and Jerry's. What else do you need!? (We had Vicki's pasta sauce last night. Yum!)

(On a side note, I'm glad you're able to do all this blogging with your new job!)


Looks way better than mine. I have to look up this Vicki's pasta sauce. Never thought of freezing up sauce in ziploc bags, then again, there is never any left over to freeze.


Oops, I forgot to list the beer mugs in our freezer. And the batteries.

Erin Mulhern

Wait, freezers are supposed to be full?! Man...mine only has ice and crumbs in it. Oh, and I think I found a mushroom once. I blame Keith's roommates.

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