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Closed for the Season

Today was the day to put my garden to rest.  It's always kind of a relief for me. . . to close down the gardening operations for the season.  By October, I'm ready to put my trowel away (along with all the hoses, the garden chotskies, my patio furniture, the hanging pots. . . ).


First, though, I had to do my least favorite thing of all gardening chores. . .


planting bulbs!

For some inexplicable reason, I HATE planting bulbs in the fall.  I never have been able to figure out why.  But I just hate doing it!  I love to have the bulbs bloom in the spring, though.  So plant bulbs in the fall I must!

That out of the way, I put everything else to rest. 


Now, with a clear conscience, I can shift my focus to knitting and bread-baking; soup-making and reading; holiday preparations and . . . damn.  I still have to clean out those closets!


Some things never change. . .


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If I planted as many bulbs as you did it would feel like a chore, but only planted a few (condo life). At first didn't know what you meant until I realized chotskies was the same as the Yiddish word tchotchke. It's a good word no matter how you spell it. Good luck with the closets!


I guess the good thing about never getting much going in the gardening department this year is that I don't have much to clean up! I do have a closet in desperate need of attention, though!!


Isn't it a nice feeling to have the garden tucked away for the winter? Tuesday is supposed to be a bit warmer here so that is my garden day.

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