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Friday Round Up: Weekend Edition

Can't Help Myself

I know I keep repeating myself here, but I love fall!  And I love the color and structure and contrast of a fall garden.  And this year, the fall just keeps on coming!  So I can't help myself!

I took my macro lens out into the garden . . . and here's what I found!


IMG_0463 IMG_0468




Enjoy every moment of this gorgeous fall season!



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And what a beautiful fall it is! As usual, great pictures Kym.


I'm in love with fall. The richness and texture of color flora cannot be beat. It's the best time of year. In our part of the country it ends on Sunday. :-(


Beautiful pictures!

This fall has been amazing. Next week is taking a turn towards winter...or so the local forecasters are threatening!

Diana Troldahl

I love Autumn. I was able to go to the gardens yesterday and took a few photos, but time was limited, and most of them are of inside the conservatory.

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