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The Empty Nest Heads North

Okay.  So Tom and I are, officially, Empty-Nesters.  And we are happy about this.  Like. . . really happy.  Now that both kids are settled on their respective campuses, we're heading Up North for a little vacation.

Cottage July 09 007 

We love spending time at our cottage.  It's relaxing and peaceful.  Tom can fish.  I can knit.  Or read. Or nap.  Or . . . well, just do nothing if I want.

Lake raft 

It's a great place to just. . . kick back and unwind. . . and just recharge.

Jump Jenny 

Jenny loves to be with us Up North -- with the water and the dock-jumping. . . and the boat and the swimming.  She loves the woods and the all new and interesting smells.  It's a wonderful adventure for her!

Cottage July 09 042 

As for the kids. . . well, they liked the cottage when they were younger. . . but only tolerated it as they went through the teen years.  No WiFi.  Weak signal.  No cable.  Non-existent social life.

Cottage July 09 005 

You know.  All those features that Tom and I cherish!  So.  Now they're gone -- to where the WiFi flows and the signal never drops and the cable is plentiful and the social life pulses to that campus beat.  And we're . . . off.  Up North.  Where it isn't.  Ahhhhhh. . . . .

See you next week!


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Good for you!

Have a wonderful time!



Sounds wonderful! Enjoy yourselves!


Have a fabulous time...I know you will! It sounds like heaven!




I guess I read it too late to wish you a nice vacation but from the sound of it, I don't think you needed my wishing, I hope I am right and you had the best vacation :)


Hope you're having a fabulous, lazy, relaxing time.


What a wonderful way to initiate your Empty Nest Years! Enjoy!

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