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Life's a Beach

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When I first moved to Michigan (which was in January 1987), I visited the Lake Michigan shore.  In the winter, it is a Very Bleak Place.  Beautiful, but bleak.  Lots of ice.  Biting wind.  Snow.  Really cold.  Shades of grey.  Everywhere.  Kind of cool. . . but nowhere you'd want to spend an afternoon.

So, as spring rolled around back in 1987, I was full of wonder to hear my new friends talk of their longing to "go to the beach."  At first, I assumed they were talking spring-break-to-Florida beach.  But, no.  They were talking local beach.  I was amused.  How could this be?  I had never seen the Michigan coastline in warm weather.

In the summer, Michigan's beaches look pretty much like beaches anywhere.  There is surf.


There is sand.  There are seagulls and sandpipers.


There are swimmers and sunbathers and beach walkers.


Here in West Michigan, we get beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan.


It really is . . . surprising.  That these beautiful beaches are in the Midwest!  (Another surprise is that the water is . . . not salty!)


We really love our beaches here in Michigan!  Michigan has nearly 3,300 miles of coastline -- more than any other state except Alaska.  The beaches are very accessible -- wherever you are in the state, you're within 85 miles of a beach.  It's no surprise, then, that "ex-pat Michiganders" want to head to the beach when they're home for a few days!


Life's a beach!  (Until school starts next Monday!)


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For the first time, I understand why they are Come to Michigan ads here in California! I always thought it was so strange, but now I see.



That's a lotta beach! Looks like fun!


Our beach has no waves (unless the weather is bad) and it stinks! Your beaches are beautiful and so is Erin!!


Awesome! Dan returned Monday from his annual trek to Crystal Lake in Frankfort and spent some time at Lake MI as well. I saw some pics - you've got some big waves on those beaches!


Lake Michigan even experiences teeny-tiny, cute little tides! ; )

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