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When it gets to be this time of year . . . late in the summer. . . when the air starts to cool and the season starts to change, I start "collecting" the summer.  In my mind.  Becoming hyper-aware of what makes summer so delightful.  So . . . in January and February . . . I can remember what's ahead.  And get through the dark winter.


The sound of flip-flops.  Thunderstorms.  Ladybugs, dragonflies, and hummingbirds.  The sound the sprinkler makes when it first pops out of the ground and starts watering.  The squeak in the wheels of my garden cart.


Lightning bugs.  The smell of cooking on the grill.  Lawnmowers.  Ice tea on the back patio.  Cicadas.  Daisies and busy bees.  The smell of tomato plants.


Running outside barefoot.  Hanging baskets of flowers.  The smell of the earth when it rains.  Dandelions.  So much daylight.  And the warmth of the sun.  Here comes the sun.


This shawl, les Abeilles by Anne Hanson, will always remind me of the sun!  Details on Ravelry here.

Enjoy these last days of summer!

(PS -- George has always been my favorite!)


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Such a beautiful, poignant post about the end of summer, but a wonderful way to show off the shawl. It's a perfect color, a perfect homage to summer.
My fave was John. ;-)


You picked out all the best summer things...makes me unhappy that it is mostly over....

Lovely shawl. I have it queued...along with maybe another quatrillion shawls!

I didn't have a favorite Beatle. But if I had to pick maybe Ringo.


Simply lovely.


I too love summer and the things of summer! But, then and again - I love all the seasons...

Your shawl is simply stunning! I love Anne's patterns.

My favorite Beatle: John - his songwriting was awesome...


Beautiful post Kym, thank-you. That shawl is spectacular.

Diana Troldahl

I have been following the birth of Anne's shawl on her blog this summer. It has inspired me to try and design my own lace stitch patterns... sometime this winter when I am dreaming of the sun.

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