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By the Numbers. . . and Other Knitting News

I've had some very nice Nashua Creative Focus Linen yarn in my stash for awhile.  Enough for a cardigan.  Perfect for something simple for late summer or early fall.  Problem was. . . I had something in mind, but couldn't find quite the right pattern to suit my needs.  And then. . . I found this (Ravelry link; non-Ravelry link). 

Just what I was looking for!  (Except for the lace panel in the sleeves. . . but I can ditch that easy enough).  Simple.  Interesting closure.  Showcase-for-cool-buttons.  Pockets.  I was all in!  Problem was. . . the pattern is designed for dk weight yarn. . . and my Creative Focus is worsted.

So. . . I swatched carefully (luckily, the pattern has pocket linings; instant swatch!). . . and did the math.


My calculations show that I could knit up the smallest size in worsted weight yarn at my gauge. . . and end up with my desired slightly-bigger size cardigan!  (I even washed and dried the pocket swatches to be extra-sure.)

But something went wrong in my brain.  The numbers were right there.  Knit the smallest size. . . end up with larger cardigan.  Somehow, though, I cast on for the second-to-smallest size.  And didn't notice.  And didn't check my gauge again.  And didn't measure.  Until I got 4 inches into the project and thought. . . HEY! this is looking Way Too Big.

And it was.  Once I measured, I found it was 4 inches too big around! 


So tonight, when I had hoped to be relieving the stress of getting Brian packed up for college. . . I will, instead, be ripping out and re-casting on.  This time, for the SMALLEST size.

You'd think I'd know by now.  Measure twice (or at least once - early on) . . . knit once.  (As opposed to . . . never measure. . . rip and re-knit.)


In other knitting news. . . last weekend was the Michigan Fiber Festival.  The geographic location of the Fiber Fest is mid-way between my mom's house and mine, so every year, we meet up in the parking lot of a grocery store in Allegan and then head out to the Big Event together.  We had a fabulous time.  There was gorgeous yarn. . .


adorable fiber-creating animals. . .




and PLENTY of knitters!


The Briar Rose booth (just the outer ring visible in the photo above) was so jam-packed ALL day that it was nearly impossible to move once you dived into the fray!  I managed, though.  Trust me.  I managed!

The hardest thing. . . was making choices.


So. Much. Fiber.


My. . . that net duffel bag can hold a lot of yarn!


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Kym, I love your latest project! I bought this pattern the first day it came out. I will be eagerly watching your progress. I brought my Cloud Chaser vest with me on vacation, but progress can be measured in stitches, not inches. So many patterns, so little time...have fun!


There are certain things to knitting that are annoying...swatching, measuring and and most of all frogging! Hope it goes smoothly the 2nd time around.


Your brain is wired to knit your size. It makes sense that it decided to knit your size. It's not like it knew about the swatch or anything. ;^)


The festival looked so much fun!


That mamallama (alpaca?) looks like she is wearing a wig!

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