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in the box of Cheerios. . . and other Advice for a College Freshman!  Yes, this week's Ten on Tuesday topic is particularly relevant to me -- because I HAVE a college freshman.  And I've been giving advice all summer long.  (Apparently LOTS of advice. Brian is, at this point, numb to any more of my advice.) 


So.  As we pack up his gear and sort through his room. . . here's what I've been harping about:

  1. Go to class; take good notes; stay on top of the reading
  2. Study hard; harder than you thought possible
  3. Be organized; use your planner; use your syllabus; use your head
  4. Challenge yourself; try new things; meet new people; be open to new ideas and opinions
  5. Eat smartly; stay active; get enough sleep; and wash your hands frequently
  6. Believe in yourself, but ask for help when you need it
  7. Do your laundry once in a while
  8. Save the partying for the weekend – and remember:  beer-before-liquor. . . makes you sicker quicker, but liquor-before-beer. . . you’re in the clear
  9. Keep a song in your heart – and a condom in your pocket
  10. Call your mom!


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Love that list Kym! Can't believe it's here! All the best to Brian.


If only I'd had this list before heading off to college. :-)
Actually, I had no idea about 90% of what was happening in college...I was such a goodie two shoes. Have fun, Brian and best of luck to you (and your mom!).


Shouldn't call your mom be #1? ;^)


I too have a college freshman, my first. She is going through the "less than one week until I leave melt-down!" DD is going to the state university less than an hour from home. Not her first choice but her first financial choice with her major. I hope that she opens up and enjoys the experience. Good luck to you and your boy.


Excellent list!

Tell Brian that college is a wonderful time of life and to get everything that he can out of it.

Good luck to you Kym....the 1st couple weeks are the worst and then it gets better.


What a great list--Brian is lucky to have you for a mom! He'll be fine....make sure you enjoy yourself, too!


What a great Mum you are! I even managed to keep the advice going by the installation of Yahoo Instant Messenger - but then Caitin is a girl who spent a lot of time in her room on her computer, I am hoping she will get out more in her second year.


Good luck, Brian!

I love the reminder to wash hands and laundry--great advice! I see some pretty sketchy clothes before Thanksgiving break!!


Sounds like a plan! :)


Excellent list, especially #10!


Sister Sally (aka Surly) is sending her young man off to college as we speak so I directed her to your post! Great words of wisdom.

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