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This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is. . . Ten Things to Bring on Vacation.  Now, I LOVE vacation.  I love to travel.  I love to "sight-see."  I love to check out new places.  You could say. . . Vacation . . .

. . . it's all I ever want to do**!

Ke'anae Peninsula Surf 6 

But over the years. . . after many vacations. . .

Wash DC May 09 149 

. . . I've learned that it's really important . . .

Belize mar 2010 417 

. . . to plan ahead . . .


. . . and pack lightly!

London trip 530 

So . . . here are Ten Things To Take On Vacation -- in your carry-on bag!

  1. Passport
  2. Copy of your trip itinerary
  3. Important phone numbers
  4. Camera -- and extra batteries
  5. Bottle of water (but only after going through security!)
  6. Travel guidebooks and maps for your destination
  7. Tylenol and Imodium (won't vacation without it!)
  8. iPod (and charger*)
  9. Book and/or magazine and/or simple knitting project
  10. Cell phone (and charger)

Bon voyage!


* There are great "charging stations" throughout most airports now, so you can charge up while waiting for your flight!

** Sorry for the terrible quality on the video.  I so wanted to include it. . . but the "good one" is copyright protected and couldn't be embedded.


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Seanna Lea

My husband and I are champion packers. I think for the last 3-4 trips we have had nothing except my purse and two backpacks. Perfect for up to a week of travel.

Also it is good to remember that if you like to buy gifts and souvenirs that you can always go to a post office and mail them home. It is more convenient and depending on location cheaper than schlepping them via the plane!


At one time we were so organized and simplified in our packing, but it's been so long since we've been anywhere for vacation and we usually drive, so the car is packed to the max. lol


Wonderful list and great photos!


Clearly, you are an experienced traveler. If I ever take another foreign trip I may refer back to this list.

Did you create your 10 on Tuesday banner? Can I steal it? (Yes, I'm shameless.)


Very cool list!!!


Aha how I wish I could have adhere to your list!

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