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Friday Round Up: Random Edition

Then. . . and Now

At this point in the Growing-Things season, I like to look at photos to compare the "Then" with the "Now."  It's fun to watch how things grow and change.  Like. . . here's one of my front door containers "Then" (mid-May):

May 21 002 

and "Now" (end of July):


Or my front faux window box . . . "Then":

May 21 003 

and "Now":


It's fun to see the changes, don't you think?  Here's my front border "Then":

May 16 047 

and "Now":


Or my succulent wreath . . . "Then":

May 15 008 

and "Now":


My little pond has really changed this year!  "Then":

May 21 019 



(Too bad I couldn't get a "Then" and "Now" photo of my little koi, Boo, for you!  He has nearly doubled in size this season.  I'm currently looking for a new pond-home for him -- because he's outgrowing his digs!)

I think my favorite change, though, involves my "edibles."  Here they are "Then":

May 16 001 

and "Now":


When it comes to gardening,


change. . .


is good!


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I love it! It's always so nice to see the changing and see that those tiny little plants really do grow up over the course of a few months.


The beauty in your garden is stunning. How fun to watch it grow!


Your garden is lovely. Color me jealous...


The photos are fabulous!! I love seeing the before and after. The succulent wreath is incredible!


That's the reward for all that Spring work! Everything looks lovely.


Hi Kym!

The garden looks fantastic - all those colors and textures are perfect. Reading back, I love your lake and river and pool commentary too - I WAS creeped out swimming in the ocean on our vacation as soon as I couldn't see the bottom. Kept thinking dadudadu.... But alas, we have few pools at our disposal! Glad to see your summer is going well - Thea


Very cool! :)

I clicked on the picture of your front border and it looks like a rose bush with bright pink/red blossoms. Do you know what kind it is? It doesn't look like the typical blooms.


The pond and your edibles, especially, are AMAZING!!!

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