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The Life Aquatic

Cue soundtrack . . .

Some people are renewed by mountain vistas; some by sunsets or skies; some by city skylines; and some by open expanses of prairie.  Me. . . I'm a water person.

Give me an ocean. . .

Ke'anae Peninsula Surf 6

or Lake Michigan. . .

Cherry Coast Trip 017

the little lake at my cottage. . .


or even a river. . .

Tom at the Green Cottage June 09 109

and I am refreshed; inspired; renewed.

I'm not really sure why water has this effect on me.  I didn't grow up near any large bodies of water, and I didn't spend much time (if any) at oceans or lakes as I was growing up.  I did, though, spend lots and lots of time IN the water.  A different kind of water. . .


(This is Not Me.  This would be a great place to insert adorable-youth-swim-photo of myself. . . but my scanner still won't talk to my computer.)

I grew up swimming -- first age group AAU swimming and then high school swimming.  I still swim a few miles a week. . . to keep in shape.  I find swimming to be a relaxing way to exercise -- the water is soothing, cool, refreshing.  Maybe that's why water is so renewing to me.

Belize mar 2010 150 

Here's my confessional --  I am completely comfortable in water.  Pool water, that is!  I like clear, clean water.  I like chlorine.  I like being able to see the bottom of the pool.  I like the fact that the bottom of the pool is solid.  I like that. . . there are no "things" in the water.  In short, I like "blue" water.

Labor day weekend 023 

"Green" water. . . ummmm. . . not so much. 

As much as I love to look at natural bodies of water, the simple truth is that. . . being IN oceans and lakes kind of . . . creeps me out!  I think it may be the perpetual pool swimmer in me, but I just don't like the mucky, shifting bottoms of oceans and lakes.  Or the "stuff" -- like weeds and other flora that gets stuck between your toes or tangles in your legs.  Or the fact that there are critters living in there -- and swimming with me!  I can sort of (sort of) handle the fish. . . and turtles. . . and bugs.  But recently I saw a muskrat swimming along in my lake . . . and, really, I've not been able to get back in the water.  I'll just stay in the boat. . . or on the dock. . . thankyouverymuch.

Which is a really long way of getting to the real point of my post today!  You see, I have just completed knitting a lovely little warm-weather scarf -- with yummy Sundara Fingering Silky Merino yarn . . . with the color-name "The Life Aquatic."


And it really DOES look like water!  Kind of blue-y green-y with random yellow highlights that look just like sun shining on the water surface.  (Here's my Ravelry link if you'd like details.)  Anyway, this yarn "sang" to me . . . like usual . . . as I was knitting away.  But it didn't settle on just one song.  Sometimes it sang annoying songs like "Under the Sea" (Little Mermaid) and "Baby Beluga" (Raffi).  Sometimes it sang songs I love, like "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" and "The River.  Thankfully, I squelched "Muskrat Love" as soon as it tried to break into my mind (following the unfortunate muskrat sighting last Saturday).  Finally, Bruce's "The River" won out in the soundtrack-of-my-mind. . . because the scarf is long and flowing . . . just like a river.


The Life Aquatic. . . is my kind of life.  Minus the muskrats, of course!


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How thankful am I you picked Bruce's song. It's one of my faves. The scarf is beautiful and the colors are very like water. Enjoy it!


So with you on the water front! The scarf is lovely! Is it the Montego Bay pattern?


Beautiful! I recognized the Montego Bay pattern, but, but, but... you call it MINDLESS? That pattern kicked my butt several times around the block before I finally put in markers every 10 st; then I was able to keep it straight. Lace and I will never, ever be friends.


Pretty scarf. It can remind you of summer when it's cold outside! :)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

It's beautiful! And I love the fringe!


Wonderful photos and lovely knitting! I'm with you (even though I do not swim). Chlorine is our friend. Water with stuff living in it is just not for swimming or wading or whatever. Ick.


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