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The topic for this week's Ten on Tuesday. . . Ten Things to Bring on a Camping Trip.  Uh-oh.  I don't DO camping.  The last time I "camped" was in 1983.  Too much work.  Too much hassle.


But.  I do have a cottage "up north."  It's like camping.  Only civilized.  At my cottage, I have electricity, plumbing, beds with sheets, a real oven, a refrigerator, a shower, TV with DVD (but no cable and no internet), and a washer and dryer.  It's not "roughing it."  Shoot, I have crystal wine glasses in my cabinets and Mr. Rick's cousin (The Storm Trooper) in the closet under the stairs.  So, no roughing it.  Not even close.  But it's as close to camping as I'll ever get!

Cottage July 09 005

So . . . what do I make sure to have on hand. . . up at my cottage?

  1. Knitting -- and plenty of it!
  2. Books and magazines
  3. My iPod
  4. Wine
  5. A comfy sweatshirt
  6. Movies
  7. Games
  8. Brownies (it's a family cottage tradition!)
  9. Beach towels
  10. Cozy afghans for long naps
And THAT kind of camping. . . I can deal with!


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I am with you on that one...


I'm with you! But, sadly I have no cottage. At least you can charge your iPod!!


Me, neither! It's my cottage, a hotel, motel or nothing.

Diana Troldahl

Back in my hey dey, I went camping with a pocket knife and a plastic tarp (yep, i was into wilderness survival)
I LOVE that last photo!


That sounds so much better than camping.


Yes! Yes! YES! Camping sounds like so much fun. Until you actually do it.


It's funny to see so many of us outed as non-campers! Love your list. I think our ski house fits the same qualities as your cottage, complete with brownies!


I am so with you. Electricity and running water with a toilet you can get to without going outside are my absolute minimum requirements.


That is my idea of camping! We do Condo/hotels which is also nice

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