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It Happens All the Time

Okay.  Here's one you may not even remember . . .

It happens all the time.

I have been an Interweave Knits subscriber for years (and years).  Like since. . . 2002.   I like getting the new issues in my mailbox.  I save them like a treat . . . to be unwrapped and looked at leisurely, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  (Especially in the days Before Ravelry.)  Lately, though, I've been disappointed.  I haven't found the more recent issues very inspiring.  I've been giving the magazine a quick glance, and then filing it away on my knitting-magazines-shelf, never to be looked at again.  I had decided that, definitely, I was going to let my subscription lapse whenever it was time to renew. 

The fall issue came in the mail earlier this week. Along with the "time to renew" notice.


Wouldn't you know it . . . when I looked inside, there were several patterns that caught my eye. 








I may even renew. 


It happens all the time.  Every time I decide to end my subscription, an issue arrives that seems to be targeted just to me.  Crazy love.

(PS -- I'm off to the cottage for the weekend.  It's civilized. . . but not connected.  See you Monday!)


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I remember Poco. Saw them live in 1969 or 70! Rusty Young was so cool (met him in person) and he is the one who keeps the band going. Have a super good time at the cabin!!


I am STUNNED to see anything decent come out of that magazine. It's been ages! Of course, they timed it that way just to get you.

Have a wonderful weekend!



I LOVE that song! Thanks for the memories.


I wish I could find a knitting magazine that I like....there doesn't seem to be one!

Have a fun-filled weekend!


I was thinking something similar about Interweave plus the other 2 I get on subscription. All too often I look at the patterns and think - who would want to a) knit and b) wear that, sometimes techniques and the urge to be different seems to overtake good design sense! Or is that just me being a grumpy old sod? But the Autumn Interweave looks good.


I do the same thing with VK and Rowan! Enjoy those brownies!!

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