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Ten on Tuesday


I always enjoy reading other bloggers' Ten on Tuesday posts . . . so when Carole decided to host the New-and-Improved Ten on Tuesday list. . . I decided to sign up and give it a try!

Of course, the first topic -- How to Entertain a Child -- freaked me out.  I mean. . . talk about broad!  Besides, it's been a while since I've had to entertain a child.

But then. . . I got to thinking back. . . to all those days. . . waiting and sitting.  At restaurants.  In doctor's offices.  On long car rides.  At church.  At a sibling's piano lesson.  THOSE days.  And then. . . it all came flooding back.

So here's my maiden Ten on Tuesday voyage:  How to Entertain a Child.

  1. Stories -- either read from books or told from memory or imagination
  2. Tasty Snacks in Small Containers (fish crackers, animal crackers, M&Ms, raisins, etc.)
  3. "Emergency Packs" of small toys - stowed in purse or glove compartment and pulled out when you need a quick diversion
  4. Crayons and coloring books
  5. Self-contained and small-in-size toys (like Etch-a-Sketch or magnet mazes or Grid-Lock)
  6. Paper games -- like Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe or Connect-the-Dots
  7. A quick and rousing game of Paper-Rock-Scissors
  8. Or I-Spy
  9. Or some variation of an Alphabet Game
  10. Silly anything -- faces, songs, rhymes
Enjoy your Tuesday!


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There is a lot of waiting with children, especially in the summer. Great list!


Children scare me, always have. I think I'd hide so well they'd look for me forever. Maybe that would work.


Oh! The alphabet game!! (Always loved going up north through Minocqua where there was also a Dairy Queen and plenty of pizza joints... could sometimes get through the alphabet twice on one trip through town!)

I have officially joined up for ToT, too.


Wonderful list!


Great list - I-Spy is one of our favorites too.


Great list -- and very familiar! Camp songs were always fun too! (or is that under 'silly songs'?)

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