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Splish Splash

One of the things that appeals to me about gardening . . . is inviting birds and butterflies to share my outdoor space.  I keep my bird feeders filled year round.  I provide plenty of cover for birds.  I grow plants that are particularly attractive to feathered and winged friends.  (I also have a cedar-sided house. . . which is beloved by woodpeckers. . . but that's a whole other situation entirely!)  And, perhaps most important of all (especially in the hot summer months),I provide water in my garden.


I have several birdbaths situated around my yard.  The one pictured above is my "main" birdbath.  It is located right off my patio -- conveniently near a hose (because the water needs to be refreshed daily) and in clear view from the patio and from many windows in the house.  This birdbath is VERY popular with birds!  Every day, I watch robins, mourning doves, blue jays, chickadees, and even the dratted woodpeckers bathing and drinking from this birdbath.


I also have a miniature birdbath (at the top of the photo) and a small pond (kind of puddle-sized) with a little fountain near my patio.  Both of these are frequented by sparrows, wasps, butterflies . . . and, from time to time, one thirsty black lab!


This birdbath sits in my front entry garden.  I've never actually seen any bird take a bath in this one, but I keep it filled all the same. . . because I don't see this one as frequently. . . and, well, you never know!

Backyard bird watchers often claim that they attract more birds to their gardens with water than with seed.  I think it may be true!  Especially in the summer months, when water is sometimes harder for the birds to find.  If you're interested in learning more about setting up a bird bath or other water source for the birds, check out this article.

It's so fun to watch the birds come in for a bath!  Last weekend, I was on the patio when a couple of little chickadees came down to the birdbath to check things out.


They were hopping around like mad. . . trying to figure out where the best "jumping in" point might be!


And then, finally, this little guy took the plunge!


C'mon in!  The water's fine!


Splish splash!


There is no end of feathered entertainment with a birdbath!


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The birdbath is wonderful. I can only watch birds bathe when there are puddles around.


This has been on my list for ages but I've never done it. Shame on me. Thanks for the link about how to set a proper one up.


Love your pics of the chickadee bathing. You must have had loads of patience to stay still and watch long enough to get them.


You got your birds a true bird Eden!
I love the photo of the chickadee.

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