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Knitting? What Knitting?

Actually, I have been doing a little knitting.  Not much, though.  

This project. . .

Yarn shots 002

is almost finished.  It's knit.  It's blocked.  It's . . . just sitting there.  Waiting for the Big Finish.

This project. . .

Yarn shots 003 

is clipping right along.  Bulky yarn.  Definitely in the fast lane.

This project. . .

Yarn shots 006 

exists only in my imagination. 

Things are coming along.

(The youngest girl next door -- now 12 -- and several of her friends were watching me take photos of my projects and yarn.  They got really quiet and were just standing there, looking over the fence and poking at each other.  I think they were having a lot of fun at my expense.  Just sayin'. . .)


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You just graduated your son from high school and your yard and family require some care, so you have good reason for neglecting the knits. Just don't leave them for too long. My neighbors have had fun at my expense for years.


You've been busy!

At least, you're not doing anything shocking while they're watching you. ;^)


those look lovely - especially the first one! Can't wait to see it after the big finish.

Diana Troldahl

Today Oscar and I borrowed part of my across the street neighbor's yard for a photo shoot with Zelda the dress dummy. Oscar was a fab assistant with the scarves draped round his neck. We got a few gawkers too, but the older residents are used to us.


I've got a project in my imagination too...because I'm not in the mood to make the skeins into balls!

I have neighbors that watch me take pictures too....only they are on the other side of the age their 80s and 90s. :) I'm sure they wonder what the heck I'm up to.

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