Friday Round Up: Update Edition

Give Us the Tools

Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.   ~Winston Churchill

Ah. . . there's nothing quite like quality time in the garden!  Especially when the right tools are at hand. What do I find indispensable in the garden?  Well, for starters, I really need my toolbelt. . .


which is perfect for my iPod, a phone, and . . . actual garden tools.  Like my trusty clippers!


And while I like to garden with my bare hands (as my manicure will attest), I always have my trusty garden gloves at the ready.


I'm lucky to have the perfect spot for planting and organizing, here at my potting bench.


Some tools I've had for a long, long time.  Like. . . this little garden cart I got for a long-ago Mother's Day gift.  I use it all the time -- so much easier on the back to sit and plant (or weed) than to stoop over.


And my trusty watering can!  I've had it forever.  Certainly not a pretty one, but it gets the job done.


And my kids' old wagon. . . that I claimed as my own years and years ago!  Rusty, now, and kind of corroding, but so useful to haul compost and soil and plants.


Can't forget about my "sloggers!"  They live just outside my backdoor -- when they're not on my feet.  I've had them for about 8 years, and I think they'll last forever.


Some tools are new. . . like my rain gauge and nifty new digital moisture meter.


Or this new hose-"splitter" (which is very, very convenient -- especially when your front yard is on many levels. . . and there's only one spigot).


My best garden tool, though, is my combination digger-pruner-planter!   Yep, this guy does it all!


The right tools. . . make all the difference. . . when it comes to gardening!



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And when it comes to anything else!

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