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Friday Round Up: Update Edition

My camera has been "missing" for almost 2 weeks now.  Actually, it's not missing. . . because I know just where it is.  It's at my Mom and Dad's house.  Right where I left it.  So, I've been getting by on the blog lately with my old point-and-shoot.


It's really not a bad little camera.  (But I like my other one better. . .)  I'm looking forward to springing my camera sometime this weekend!


Purchase-of-the-Week #1

I really like blue transferware.  I have a nice collection -- a good mix of collectible and just-fun pieces.  My eye always (always) zooms in on any transferware (or faux-transferware) wherever I may be.  Earlier this week I was in my neighborhood Walgreens when I spotted these:


Little blue faux-transferware pots!  $1.29 each.  Get out!  I picked up all they had.  (The strawberries are from my plants -- the only two I've saved from a hungry pack of piggy chipmunks who have set up permanent living quarters on my patio.)


Purchase-of-the-Week #2

I needed a new journal, and found this one at Barnes & Noble.  Cute, non?


But. . . then I spied this one. . . which is PERFECT for Erin.  Cuter yet, non?




I'm so excited!  If you look closely at this photo, you can see what's happening to my tomatoes this week!


Blooms AND fruit! (I wish I had my better camera. . .)


Off -- and On -- the Needles

I finished this sweater. . .


Photos and details next week.  (But I will say that this one was lightening fast!)

And I cast on for this sweater. . .


I'm hoping this one is fast, too.  (Because apparently I'm in the mood for summer sweaters in Easter egg colors.)

And -- just an update on this sweater. . .


I have forwarded all of my pattern notes and explanations to the designer, who is most receptive to review them and make appropriate changes.  She is gracious and responsive.  I just wanted you to know.


Have a great weekend. . . and here's another bloom.  Because I can't help myself.



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Love the blue & white pots. Too cute!

The pictures are good with this camera but the sweater ones didn't want to download. :(


What caught my eye was the pot in the back with lemons. All the blues are very cute. You are a knitting and gardening machine. Good work!


Oooh, fun finds!
Happy Weekend, Kym!


Fabulous shopping!

Thank you for letting us know about the designer. It's so nice to know that she was receptive to your comments.


Diana Troldahl

I can't decide if the last photo is of a linum (flax) flower, or a Johnson's Blue geranium.
Love the journals! We bought cards with a similar statement (adapted from an unreleased British morale campaign from WWII)


I love blue and white dishes of any sort.
Great titles for the journals, too.
I hope the chipmunks don't find your tomatoes.

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