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I finished my Guinevere cardigan over the weekend.  (Here's my Ravelry link.)


I complained about this cardigan. . . as I was knitting it.  In fact, I complained rather a lot.  It turned out nicely.  I loved the yarn (Queensland Collection Haze).  It's easy to wear.  But, oh my!  The pattern was a mess.


The first lace chart was really goofy -- and turned out to be in error.  There are several annoying glitches and inconsistencies within the directions.  The front decreases for the arm and neckline are charted -- without the option of following complete written directions instead (and we're not talking about anything tricky going on here).  I was able to work through the pattern issues without any problems. . . but that's because I've knit lots of sweaters already.  If this had been one of my first sweater projects, I'd have had some serious problems!

Mostly, I just got grumpy with this knit . . . because I paid $7 for the pattern. . . and it was full of mistakes and errors.  I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe this designer didn't use test knitters?

Another little grump -- in the pattern description, the designer says that "very little finishing is required."  To this I must simply say. . . bullshit.  The sweater is knit in 5 flat pieces -- a back, 2 fronts, and 2 sleeves.  Standard seaming is required.  Futzy standard seaming!  Because you're matching up a ribbed lace pattern, a regular lace pattern, AND setting in cap sleeves knit in 1x1 ribbing.  There may not be any stitches to pick up. . . but there is far more than "very little" finishing required.


I actually did even MORE finishing.  The fronts rolled so persistently (despite two good blockings), that I hand-stitched some ribbon to the inside of both fronts.  This really helped with the rolling problem, and gives the sweater some welcome structure.


The pattern calls for snaps (with buttons sewn over the top) for the closure.  I'm not a big fan of snaps, so I tried something different -- crocheted button loops.  (Jury's still out on this . . .)


Oh well. . . it's finished.  Maybe I'll even get over my grumpiness and start liking this sweater . . . eventually.  In the meantime, I can let it go.  Because. . . like the song says. . . I shall be free!