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A Stash for the Future

Like many knitters, I have a stash of yarn.

space 004

Let's just say. . . I have a LOT of yarn.

space 001

To be honest. . . I have PLENTY of yarn. . . and books. . . and supplies. 

My space 013

Enough to last a lifetime.  Or, at least, I hope so.  Because my stash is pretty big!

The Yarn Harlot talks about SABLE -- or Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.  I used to chuckle at this little term.  I used to joke about this little term.  I used to say things like. . . I'll probably die before I ever get a chance to knit all this stuff.

Well.  You know what happened.  I got cancer.  SABLE became. . . not a joke . . . but a possibility.  I didn't purchase any yarn while I was having chemo.  I knit a lot, though.  In fact, I knit like a crazed person.  I knit like someone who was trying to burn through her stash.  Because. . . what would happen if I actually HAD acquired more yarn than I'd be able to knit in my lifetime?  During chemo, my desire for "stash acquisition" was totally put on hold.

After my treatment was finished, though -- and after I heard those glorious words "no evidence of disease" and "remission" -- I celebrated by purchasing yarn.  I was alive.  I was healthy.  I had time. . . again.  Purchasing yarn and planning projects . . . represented future-thinking for me. 

And so, the stash floodgates are open again.  I do try to keep my yarn purchases under control.  (I really do, Tom.  Really.)  I mean, I don't want to fall victim to SABLE. . . but. . . I also don't want to stop thinking about the future, either.

This was all brought home to me last Saturday.  My favorite local yarn store, Stitching Memories, hosted a special benefit for a former employee and teacher at the store, Terrie Hale.  Terrie, sadly, died recently from pancreatic cancer at the age of 42.  Terrie left behind some whopping medical bills. . . and a huge stash!!!  So Mary, the owner of Stitching Memories, put together a "stash estate sale" in the parking lot of her store, with all proceeds going to Terrie's family.


Knitters and quilters and spinners and needlepointers came from far and wide. . . to dip into Terrie's stash. . . and to help out a knitter's family.  I had a heavy heart as I dug through bins and bins (and bins) of yarn -- all symbols of hope for Terrie's future projects.  I got a little choked up when I stumbled on to an unfinished sweater -- still on the needles with the yarn neatly rolled and the pattern clearly marked where Terrie had left off.  As I thumbed through some old knitting magazines, it was a little heartbreaking to see pages turned down -- at projects Terrie was planning to start.  Someday.

It was tough.  Because. . .this could be me.  It could be any of us. . . should we outlive our stashes.

In the end, I found a few items to bring home and add to my own stash.  Little pieces of Terrie that will go on.


And. . .  I'm really going to have to figure out how to knit faster.  That's all there is to it!



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Don't worry about knitting it all up. Yarn is a collection (like tea cups or something) to be admired and enjoyed. Knit it if you will, but it's beautiful as is.
The benefit sale was a marvelous idea.


Wow. I've always thought about writing the yarn stash into my will. The estate sale was a nice way to remember and honor.


What a touching and heartbreaking story. The sale was a wonderful idea. And I agree with Margene. Think of your yarn as a collection that you love.


I am with Margene! An idea of finding some kind of a way to show the yarn as home decoration is swirling in my head for quite awhile now :)

What a lovely idea of your yarn shop owner!


That benefit is one of the most wonderful and generous things I've heard of in a while.


My stash is in plastic boxes that are on shelves at the back of a built in wardrobe - ie out of sight.

Looking for something a couple of weeks ago I ended up getting it all out and sorting and labelling the boxes. I congratulated myself of everthing fitting into th 4 large and 2 extra large boxes (just)then found a big wash basked full of bags not put away.

Caitlin is entranced by the concept of SABLE and keeps enquiring if I am there yet!

I am putting my stash and knitting books in my Will. C is not interested nor is my sister. So its going to the daughter and daughter-in-law of my best friend.


What a great benefit for Terri - and a fitting way to help out.

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