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A Pivotal Moment

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A friend sent me this card when I finished chemotherapy. . .

Pivotal moment

I like thinking about "pivotal moments" -- the before and after points.  Today marks an anniversary of a "pivotal moment" for me. . . it's my first "Blog-iversary."

I really had no idea last year - when I made my first post - what I was in for with my little blog.  I was just hoping for . . . an outlet for expression; a way to make myself seem "real;" a little journey. . . stepping away from the edge.  What I got, though, was a whole lot more.  What I got. . . was YOU!

Thanks for making this year such a fabulous adventure.


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Isn't having a blog an interesting part of life? The way it's moved into my life and become such a part of, brought people, best friends, really, to enrich this journey. It is one of my biggest rewards and pleasures.


Happy Blogoversary and thank *you* so much for the fantastic Blog. Its been a privilege to share your life and thoughts and become friends. You are an inspiration.


Happy blogiversary !
Your blog is a pleasure to read.


Happy blogversary! I'm so glad you decided to join the ranks of bloggers -- you are a treat!


Happy Blog Day!

I am so glad that you did start this blog and you are sharing yourself with all of us.



Happy blogiversary Kym, I second our Cookie and all the others who are glad you decided to blog :)


Dearest Kym--I'm so glad you started a blog as I've enjoyed every minute I've spent reading it! It's always bright, interesting, colorful, full of the joys of life!!! Don't stop!! XX

Diana Troldahl

Happy Blogiversary!!!


Happy Blogiversary, Kym! It's been fun getting to know you these past few months.

denise copeland

Kym, thank you for the energy, wisdom, and joy that exudes from your blog. Proust said it best, "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


Happy Blogiversary Kym! Happy to be one of the lucky ones to have found you and to have your friendship as well.


Happy Blogiversary, Kym! Thanks for sharing your life & friendship!


Congratulations!! You have a lovely blog full of life & joy.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay


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