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Friday Round Up: Mixed Bag Edition

Years Go Falling

Soundtrack. . .

Today is a Big Day.  It's the last "official" day of school for Brian.  Graduation is not until June 4, but he gets "out" today.  He is. . . Very Ready.  

May 21 006

But, you know. . . so am I!  I am "graduating" this year, too.  After today, I will have no children in school. . . ever again.  (Two in college, of course, but that's a whole other situation entirely.)

School final views 001

Brian is ready to be done with hall passes, "tardies," and lockers.

I am ready to be done with school policies, signing papers, and school calendars.

School final views 007

Brian is tired of Certain People, crowded hallways, and forced attendance at pep assemblies.

I am tired of Certain People, open houses, and providing cookies.

School final views 005

Brian is eager to put "Husky Pride" to rest.

I am eager to put being a "Husky Mom" to rest.

School final views 009

"School" has been a great experience -- for all of us.  We are fortunate to live in a community with excellent schools.  My kids received solid academic preparation, opportunities to excel in music, sports, and theatre. They were lucky to have some committed, caring teachers (and the opportunity to learn to deal with those who. . . weren't).  I was happy to be involved -- in the classroom, in the parent groups, on field trips, with other moms. 

But we're ready to move on.  Time passages. . . Buy us a ticket for the last train home tonight!


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It is wonderful to have high school over's so high school! Time flies though. We will already be having kindergarten graduation next year for our 1st grandbaby!


Congratulations to you both! Now, it's off to the next adventure life has to offer!


I know exactly how you feel. When I list the happiest days (and how lucky I am to be able to list DAYS) of my life, having my last child leave the public school system is one of the best! Enjoy..



Being a Husky mom is just wrong.



Welcome to the empty nest club! Last year my husband and I took our first trip without offspring in 24 years. Amazingly, we not only did not kill each other, we had a great time. (But I still wish sometimes that our kids lived closer so we could see them more often.)


Love it! And love the Certain People factor. Ah Buh-bye! :-)


Congratulations to you all, and a big big hug too to you all. I was totally unprepared for what such a huge change brought to me but what underpins it all - as clearly it does you - is tremendous pride in the person Caitlin has become. I've said it before but there is no greater thing to be able to say that as well as loving them as your children you like and respect them as people.


Oh, the things you'll do! (That's a bad misquote of Dr Seuss.) Have fun in this new phase of your life. You've earned it. I'm one year into this phase myself, and it's awesome being able to focus on other things that were willingly put on the back burner for 22 years. Welcome!!

Melissa G

Congratulations on getting to the other side! We are still finishing up the elementary years.

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