New and Improved
Manic Macro Monday


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The new look is looking good, I like the cool blue. It also loads quicker than the old one.

Re Facebook, I don't use it because the amount of stuff that I got when I was on it, pokes and prods and questionnaires. I found it deeply suspicios that if I did want to reciprocate to something I was sent I had to fill in information about myself first - they must do something with all of that.

Having said that, I had to almost force Caitlin to go on Facebook when she was finishing school. She's not the best at communication and I knew it would be a good way for her to keep in touch with people - which it has.


If Facebook were not the main way I keep in touch with #2 Son I would delete my account. Although from what I have read this past week, deleting my account would not delete my information. After every article I read about how to keep my information private on FB I go into my account there and check the settings. And every time I find some setting that must be tweaked.

denise copeland

If you haven’t read this recent article about founder and CEO of Facebook,
I think you will find it interesting.

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