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Off Kilter: One of Those Random Posts

Things have been . . . off. . . around here this week.  I have a pesty little cold.  Jenny has a pesty little digestive problem.  The weather is completely horrid.  My knitting has been giving me fits.  My garden is taking on a shape of its own.  Definitely off kilter all around!

But.  I'm trying to make the best of things.  My cold is one of those fast-moving viruses, and it's now on its way out.  I had to bring in the Big Guns for poor Jenny, though -- a trip to the vet this morning.  Special food, doggie-immodium, and an anti-biotic should help get her on track to better digestive health.

Rainy day 004 

As for the weather?  I can't do anything about it, unfortunately, and my plants are actually loving all the rain.  Instead of looking out the window, watching the weeds grow and adding to my garden to-do list, I just used the time to work on "inside projects."  Like Brian's "shrine."  Yesterday I put the finishing touches on 50 (yes, 50!) photo collages for his scrapbook.  They cover every aspect of his life from babyhood. . .

Baby brian 1 

to his senior year. . .

Senior pics color
While the scrapbook itself isn't finished, the photo-sorting and arranging portion of the project is now complete.  It turned out to be a perfect rainy-day(s) project.

As for my knitting.  Well.  After explaining how I "don't do lace" I'm sort of embarrassed to show you my newest project.  Because, ummmm, well, it has, uhhhhhh, some lace.

Rainy day 006 

Really, though, it's more a textured pattern than lace.  And, after a rough start (with an incredibly WEIRD and, in my opinion, poorly-diagrammed, lace chart), it seems to be moving along quite well.

So this week has been off kilter.  Completely.  But I'm starting to feel more . . . stable.  Let's just hope the weather begins to stabilize, too -- bringing some sunshine and warmer temperatures our way.


Be ready for a little change tomorrow!   I've used my recent "inside time" to do a little designing here on the blog.  Watch for a new look tomorrow! 


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Aw, poor Jenny. Putting together collages for a scrapbook like that is truly a labor of love (in my opinion). Your photos must be so nicely organized now, too!

Our weather has been completely horrid, too. Tomorrow will see some improvement and the weekend looks AMAZING! I'll try to blow it over the lake.
; )

Diana Troldahl

Glad you are feeling better, and hope Jenny will be feeling better soon, too.

Would you mind emailing me the pattern name? I want to learn what not to do. I promise I won't divulge it or write to the designer or anything :-}.


So good to hear your cold is getting better and Jenny is too on the road to recovery. Thank you for sharing the bits and pieces of the scrapbook you're putting together. It's going to be so cool. The lace looks good!


Poor Jenny. I hope the new food and meds do the trick quickly.

It really has been one of those weeks, hasn't it? Let's up that things straighten out soon.

Oh, and that's not lace. Trust me. ;^)


Lovely boy!

The lacy character of your new project made me smile and it looks really nice to me, can you tell us what it is?


"...textured pattern..."? Okay, but it looks pretty darned lacy to me. (I don't do lace, either.)


Sweet pictures of Brian!

Our weather is getting better. Maybe it's heading your way too...

Be careful....lace (textured knitting) is addicting!


I'm just catching up on my blog reading after a trip to SF. So glad to hear your cold's going away, Kym--and also I do send best wishes to dear Jenny. Our pup (Maggie) has permanent digestive issues and has to be on special non-allergic dog food. Sigh. What a cutie your Brian is! Also what nice "textured" knitting!!!

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