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Making it Mine

Today is a perfect day for gardening.  It's cool, overcast, and a little bit rainy.  I used this perfect day to plant containers . . . and to add this-and-that to my garden.

I love planting containers.  I can play with color, texture, and style -- on a very small scale.  I can take some risks with plants I wouldn't normally grow; try new ideas and do a little experimenting.

I planted two of these on my front porch. . .

May 21 002 

Put together a "faux" window box under my dining room window. . .

May 21 003 

Filled in some spots in my perennial beds. . .

May 21 020 

And jazzed up the red geraniums on my patio.

May 21 023 

I love adding my own personal touches to my garden. 

May 21 022 

It makes it fun.

May 21 016 

It adds some flair.

May 21 019 

It makes it mine!

May 21 004 

Have a great weekend.

May 21 009 

Hope you can get outside - and enjoy!

May 21 014


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Everything is looking fabulous!!!! Great job. ~Jan


You really have the touch. I love what you're doing over there!


Gorgeous! Love love the clematis. Is that Nelly Moser? Dr. Ruppell? Do you remember?


Walking through your yard would be an adventure. The pots add such interest with a treasure in every corner. The pot with earrings is as fun and funky as can be. You have a flair!!

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