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A Different Kind of Digging

Last weekend I got busy with a different kind of planting.  This kind of gardening didn't involve perennial beds.  Or transplants.  Or seeds.  Or containers.

May 15 005 

It did, though, require a lot of hands-on "digging-in."  I planted . . . a living wreath!

May 15 008 

I purchased the wreath form online, and I picked up a few small succulents at the nursery.  Eventually, I plan to hang this wreath on the gate to my backyard.  For now, though, I'm keeping it flat -- so the roots can take hold a bit before they need to defy gravity.

This was a fun project.  It required a little imagination and creativity. . . and a whole lot of digging and dividing!  Although the "directions" suggested using a wooden tool to make the planting holes in the sphagnum moss, I found that it was a lot easier to just dig in with my hands.

May 15 010 

My fingernails will never be the same!


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Lori on Little Traverse Bay

That is really cool!


Hands on...or the only way to go! Very cool wreath!


It's going to be stunning! Totally worth the slightly damaged hands. ;^)


A living wreath is going to be so unique and beautiful. It will be worth the damaged manicure.


How very cool is that!


That is going to be gorgeous! Don't worry about the hands :)
the perfectly manicured ones don't have a whole lot of fun!


What a lovely idea.
My nails look like that all summer long ! I was on a compost high last night !

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