Friday RoundUp: Quick Edition
Smells Like . . . Panic!

The Station Master

Soundtrack. . .

My Dad is something of a . . . gentle giant.  Kind, helpful, quiet.  Clever, strong, creative.  He's the kind of man you want as a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker.   He's passionate -- about his family, his sports teams, his hobbies.  He's the kind of man you want in your corner.  He's certainly the kind of man you want as a Father!

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Over the years, I've learned a lot from my Dad.

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How to swing a hammer, hang a picture, use a drill, change a tire.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 005

How to do a double-jump in checkers, play Parcheesi, count a cribbage hand.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 031

How to pay attention to the details.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 020

How to think through and visualize a project . . . long before beginning.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 028

How to measure twice and cut once.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 025

How, oftentimes, things just work out best when you prop a pencil behind your ear and whistle while you work.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 017

How, sometimes, the best thing to do is just. . . rip it out and start fresh.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 040

How to sit back and take pride in a job well done.

Dad's rr mar 5 10 064

Happy Birthday, Dad!  Thanks for all you've taught me. . . and thanks for being in my corner.  Every day!

Dad's rr mar 5 10 052

All of the photos included in this post are from my Dad's model railroad.  His first Lionel train set - received as a 4-year-old - inspired him to "play with trains" for the rest of his life.  He designs the layouts; he builds all of his structures from scratch; he forms each tree; he carves the stone and rock formations; he paints and places each character; he restores and paints each locomotive and car.  His railroad is a labor of love; his passion.  He is . . . The Station Master.