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Make a Difference - But Act Quickly!

As I write this post, there are just under 3 days and 13 hours left in a special vote that would make a huge difference in my community.  Kalamazoo Central High School, the most diverse high school in Western Michigan, is one of six high schools in the country vying to win the "Commencement Challenge" --- to have President Obama speak at their commencement exercises later this spring.

This is not my kids' school. . . but I hope you'll join me in voting for K-Central.  Just click in.  Watch the video.  Vote "5."  And let's see what happens!  Voting ends at midnight on the 29th.

(PS -- If you're a Yankees fan. . . this is Derek Jeter's high school.  And if you're a high school basketball fan, K-Central just won the State Championship here in Michigan.)


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Kym, Kym, Kym...if my husband finds out I voted for Derek Jeter's high school I'll be in such big trouble. I hope you have an extra bedroom for me!

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