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Lots of Pieces in April

Some background music. . .

(I apologize that this video is not. . . good.  I want to include the song in my post, but all of the Three Dog Night performance videos on YouTube are not embed-able.  This is the best I can do. . .)

(You know, nothing takes me back to junior high school quicker than a little Three Dog Night!  Oh, how I remember playing "Old Fashioned Love Song" over and over and over again on my little record player. . .)

For the entire month of April, I knit squares. 

Pieces of april 023

Little, mitered squares. . . pieces. . .that all joined together to make. . . a bag.

Pieces of april 021 

A huge bag, actually.  Huge.  It's sort of like a formal feed sack. . .

Pieces of april 029 

Let's just say. . . it'll hold a lot of produce when I take it to the farmer's market!

This project - the Net Duffel Bag by Vivian Hoxbro from the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits - was fun to knit, and enough of a challenge to keep me thinking all through the month of April.  My Ravelry project entry includes all the details -- and a lot of hints, should you decide to try one for yourself.

Pieces of april 028 

I'm happy that all my "pieces of April" are collected into one bag!


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