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Friday RoundUp: Quick Edition

I'm flying out the door in a few minutes -- to a conference.  A gardening conference!  I can hardly wait to fill my brain with new information from Michigan State University on . . . integrated pest management, weather and plants, identifying woody ornamentals, and the latest on invasives here in Michigan! 

In the meantime, we can't open our front door for a while. . .

April 29 10 001 

A Mama Robin has decided to make my wreath. . . her new home!  Look what's inside. . .

April 29 10 002

In blooming news this week, we have trillium!

April 29 10 007 


April 29 10 014 

And my neighbor's lilac!

April 29 10 010 

The next best thing to having a lilac bush of your own. . . is having your neighbor's lilac spill over your fence!  You get the beauty and the scent --- but you don't feel right about cutting a bouquet to take inside. . .

I planted peas this morning (better late than never is my motto!).

Container veggies 002 

My yard is not at all cut out for a traditional vegetable garden, so I'm being creative in planning a container garden for edibles.  First in . . . peas!


Yesterday, Jenny and I went on some errands.  I take her in the car with me whenever I have quick errands to run.  She loves to ride in the car (LOVES) -- and I needed to go to some of her favorite spots. 

First up. . . the drive-up window at the bank. 

Jenny on errands apr 29 10 001

When Jenny was a little puppy, she discovered that the bank was The Place to Be --- because the drive-up tube comes back with dog treats for good puppies!  Now, Jenny sits in the front seat rather patiently -- but never taking her eyes off the place where the tube comes back. 

And then. . . when the Tube o' Treats arrives. . .

Jenny on errands apr 29 10 002

Oh, Happy Day!

Then, we went to Petco to pick up some food.

Jenny on errands apr 29 10 004 

This is a fun place, because Jenny can shop with me.  She usually comes home with a rawhide chew (or two) that she picks out herself!  (The friendly check-out people give out treats at the counter, too).  It was an exciting day for Jenny.


Have a great weekend!  It's a great time to play in the dirt. . .

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