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Friday Roundup: Blooming Edition

Every day, there seems to be something new blooming in my garden.

Brunnera and hellebores. . .

Blooms april 22 002

crabapple. . .

Blooms april 22 008

fothergilla. . .

Blooms april 22 014

Bradford pear. . .

Blooms april 22 025 

euphorbia. . .

Blooms april 22 033 

tulip. . .

Blooms april 22 035 

Lovely time of year!


Purchase of the Week #1:

My best gardening pal, Sandie, and I took a road-trip to one of our favorite West Michigan nurseries today.  I couldn't resist this planter!

Tea cup planter 001 

I'm not sure what I'll plant in here, yet, but I'm thinking. . . maybe an assortment of tea-making herbs!


Purchase of the Week #2:

Look what I found at Eddie Bauer this week:

EB Vest 007 

I love this vest!  It's 55%linen/45% cotton; it looks great dressed up or down - with long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves.  It has a tie belt -- and even looks good tied in front.

EB Vest 005 

I know I'll wear it a lot.  Hmmmmmm.  Maybe I should go back and pick up the green one, too. . .


In the Guilty-Pleasures category. . . I enjoyed watching the finale of Project Runway last night.  I was excited that the Nice Guy won!  (He's been my favorite all along. . .)



Trillium watch:

Getting close to bloom-time.

Blooms april 22 011 


Have a terrific weekend!  Continue to celebrate Earth Day. . .