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Friday Roundup: Blooming Edition

Every day, there seems to be something new blooming in my garden.

Brunnera and hellebores. . .

Blooms april 22 002

crabapple. . .

Blooms april 22 008

fothergilla. . .

Blooms april 22 014

Bradford pear. . .

Blooms april 22 025 

euphorbia. . .

Blooms april 22 033 

tulip. . .

Blooms april 22 035 

Lovely time of year!


Purchase of the Week #1:

My best gardening pal, Sandie, and I took a road-trip to one of our favorite West Michigan nurseries today.  I couldn't resist this planter!

Tea cup planter 001 

I'm not sure what I'll plant in here, yet, but I'm thinking. . . maybe an assortment of tea-making herbs!


Purchase of the Week #2:

Look what I found at Eddie Bauer this week:

EB Vest 007 

I love this vest!  It's 55%linen/45% cotton; it looks great dressed up or down - with long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves.  It has a tie belt -- and even looks good tied in front.

EB Vest 005 

I know I'll wear it a lot.  Hmmmmmm.  Maybe I should go back and pick up the green one, too. . .


In the Guilty-Pleasures category. . . I enjoyed watching the finale of Project Runway last night.  I was excited that the Nice Guy won!  (He's been my favorite all along. . .)



Trillium watch:

Getting close to bloom-time.

Blooms april 22 011 


Have a terrific weekend!  Continue to celebrate Earth Day. . .



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Your blooms are beautiful!

I have a teacup pot too. Sweet Alyssum is what I put in mine last year. It smelled wonderful. Love your plan for tea making herbs!


Oooh, I love your vest! I've been doing a fair bit (for me) of mail-order shopping (and successfully, too, which is blowing my mind) and a vest is one of my favorite purchases so far!

Happy Weekend to you, Kym!


You are rocking that vest! I spend my time collecting vest patterns, but can't commit to knitting the 'perfect' one. Have a lovely weekend.
(Kimmiekat on Ravelry)


I love those BOOTS!
And all of the blooms. Great shots! (If it weren't raining (oh yeah, and dark), I'd dash out and take pictures of MY crabapple blossoms. (I missed the bradford blossoms ... at least close ups).


The potential of spring is such a thrill. I think a trip to Eddie Bauer is in my future...near future. Happy Weekend!


Wonderful photos! Love that vest. I think I'll be going with Margene!


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