No Such Thing as Too Many Candles
I Should Have Known Better


When I got back from my vacation last weekend, the weather in Michigan was unbelievably warm.  Unseasonably warm.  Unnaturally warm.  (Of course, things have righted themselves by now -- and it is back to near-freezing!)  I couldn't wait to get out in my garden and see what was popping up.

I saw the usual suspects for very early April: 

Daffodils. . .

April 4 032 

Lenten rose. . .

April 9 010 

May flower. . .

April 4 018 

Forsythia. . .

April 4 006 

and lawn violets (some people would call these "weeds", but not me!).

April 4 035 

But I also found a lot going on that's . . . well,

Unbelievable. . .

April 9 004 

Hosta crowns?  In early April?

Unseasonable. . .

April 9 019 

My pear tree is about to bloom?  You must be kidding!

Unnatural. . .

April 9 029 

My clematis --- thinks it's MAY!

So.  It's spring.  Crazy spring.  Fickle spring.  Now, not only can I worry about the inevitable frosts and snow still to come. . . but I can also stress because I'm already way behind in my gardening!!!  It's Crazy-Time when you're a gardener!


Bright gardening notes:

#1 -- Last fall I purchased a rock-bottom-price, clearance-table blackberry bush.  But I didn't know what to do with it.  So, I went into denial, and just left it in the middle of my new garden bed.  Unplanted.  I felt guilty all winter long whenever I looked out my kitchen window.  Because there it was.  Covered with snow.  Still in its container.  Freezing.  Dead.  And even though I only paid $1.75 for it, I still felt bad that I had just. . . let it sit there.

Guess what!

April 9 015 

It's a survivor!  (I still don't know where to plant it, though.)

#2 -- Trillium are one of my favorite flowers.  I always go a little crazy when I find them in the woods in May.  Last spring, I decided to try to cultivate my own little trillium grove.  I purchased a few plugs from a reputable wildflower nursery. . . and watched them wither away to nothing in my garden.

Guess what!

April 9 033 

Three of these little guys are poking up!  I'm pretty sure it's my trillium.  (I'm so excited!)


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I love trillium, too. Your lenten rose is so pretty. Even though you're having cold weather I think your plants are a little bit ahead of ours. However, I don't have the beautiful garden you do...I'll be living vicariously so keep us updated!


Woo Hoo!

I love lawn violets!



If that blackberry bush survived the winter in a pot, I'd advise you to think carefully about where you plant it permanently. Given its apparent indestructibility, it has the potential to become a thug, i.e., invasive. The wild ones are...


I remember buying a "hardy asian lily" one year, stuck it (plastic nursery pot & all) inside a crock on the front porch. In fall, the pot ended up in a back yard bed, but not planted -- oh no! It was snowed on, rained on, completely frozen solid and I was sure it was a goner. Heh. You could have bowled me over come spring when I saw sprouts! I'm still nurturing lilies from that sweet little pot. Hardy, indeed.


Lovely spring flowers!
Glad your trillium seem to have made it; they are such a pretty flower.
My mother, an avid gardener in Wisconsin, would argue with you about the violets. She loved them until they tried to take over an entire flower bed.


Same thing is happening here too. And I absolutely agree about the blackberry. Find someplace at the edge of your property where it can run into a thicket. Blackberries ARE extremely hardy - like mint.

Diana Troldahl

Thank you for the beautiful photos!


Beautiful flowers! It definitely is an early spring. I wonder if it will possibly last or if we'll get a nasty surprise....

The farmers here are certainly getting antsy to get going.


What wonderful pictures! I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and remember very well the great anticipation of SPRING! I now live in Southern California and spring is much different. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks

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