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Friday Roundup: Blooming Edition

An EARTHY Anniversary

Today is Earth Day.  In fact, it is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!  Let's begin the celebration with one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs. . .

I remember the very first Earth Day --- way back in 1970.  I had just turned 11, and I was very tuned in to the new environmental movement (only, back then, it was really a "fight pollution" movement).   I remember being absolutely stymied that rivers could catch fire; I remember working with my fifth grade class to write letters asking city leaders to install trash bins in parks and on downtown streets; I remember ad campaigns like "Give a Hoot! Don't Pollute!"

and the Native American sadly paddling his canoe through a polluted river. 

Earth Day was a Big Deal to me then -- and it's still a day I celebrate.

This year, one of my personal goals is to "do whatever I can to reduce my carbon footprint."  I thought I would use this day to show you 10 things I'm doing to forward that goal -- and to try to convince you to join me!  Small actions can make a big difference . . . over time. . . and if enough people join the effort.

Earth day 013

1.  I use re-usable bags whenever I shop.  When I first started doing this - a few years ago - my family thought I was a bit crazy.  But not anymore!  I always keep a bunch of bags in my car, so I have them with me whenever I'm out shopping.  Although I do have several store-brand bags from different shops, these are my all-time favorites!  They are GREAT for a full load of groceries.  If you like to sew, here's a site that offers FREE patterns to make your own re-usable bags.  And, if you knit, there are many great market bag patterns on Ravelry.

Earth day 008

2.  I use the cold water setting for all my laundry.  I used to think that my clothes wouldn't be as clean or soft if I used cold water, but I tried it, and I don't notice a difference at all.  According to TheDailyGreen, 90% of washing machine energy goes into heating the water.  So . . . if you don't heat the water. . . you use less energy.

Earth day 006

3.  I pay attention to the types of cleaning products I use.  Whenever possible, I use cleaning products that are non-toxic.  (I like the Method brand of products.)  I also use washable and re-usable towels, mop covers and, rags; and I avoid paper towels and one-use wipe products.

Earth day 002

Earth day 004

4.  I use CFL light bulbs and rechargeable batteries. . . most of the time.  When we do use regular batteries in our house, we recycle them.  We just put our used batteries in a designated box, and then recycle when the box gets full.  Same with used CFL bulbs -- we save them, and then recycle them at our local Lowe's store.

Earth day 016

5.  I drink tap water and take it along with me in a reusable water bottle.  Sure, purchased bottled water is convenient.  But it isn't good for the environment, and it isn't any healthier for you than tap water.  It's expensive, wasteful, and draws attention away from public systems. 

Earth day 015

6.  I recycle.  I've been recycling since my kids were very, very small.  We're fortunate to have curbside recycling in our community, so it's hassle-free.  We also have a bottle-deposit law in effect here in Michigan, so we recycle our bottles separately.  We shred documents and paper --- which I recycle in my compost bin.  I've already talked about recycling batteries and CFL bulbs.  I re-use plastic bags (for packing materials), wrapping paper and gift bags; I give unwanted-but-still-usable items to Goodwill and other charitable organizations.  It's easy to recycle -- once you make the commitment to keep things out of your trash can!

Earth day 010

7.  And speaking of keeping things out of the trash. . . I am the Queen of Compost!  I keep a small compost bin under my kitchen sink (lined with biodegradable liners -- made of cornstarch), and add food scraps, coffee filters, tea bags, peelings, etc. (but never meat).  When the small bin gets full, I take it outside and empty it into my big compost bin.  My garden is happy; my trash can is light.

Earth day 012

8.  I plan my driving carefully -- by grouping my errands and taking as few trips as possible.  I also try not to sit and wait anywhere with my car idling, because that's a huge gas drain. 

Earth day 017

9.  I "eat local."  I'm paying attention to where my food comes from, and I'm supporting local growers.  I frequent my local farmer's market and the local produce section of my grocery store.  I pay attention to what's currently in season when I'm planning my menus.  And - I'm growing my own food, too!  My yard is not set up very well for hard-core vegetable gardening (too shady and hilly), but this year, I'm growing vegetables in containers (more on that in posts to follow).  This book - The Bountiful Container - is an excellent resource if you're interested in growing your own food - but you don't have the space for a "real" garden.

Earth day 018

10.  I am learning to live with weeds!  Improper fertilization and lawn pesticide use causes surface and groundwater contamination.  I don't need a golf-course-perfect lawn.  I do need clean, safe drinking water.  Learn the proper, safe ways to keep your lawn looking good -- without contributing to water problems.

Happy Earth Day!  Don't it always seem to go. . . that you don't know what you've got til it's gone!


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I'm close behind you. I wash clothes in warm water and don't use rechargeable batteries (but we recycle all our used ones) and my composting needs a kick in the a$$ but otherwise I'm green like you.


Excellent post! I, too, have been doing ALL of my washing in cold water and at a high spin cycle for quicker drying (whether in the dryer or on the line) and it makes NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever in terms of cleanliness or softness.

One area where I could improve is in lighting -- I have yet to find a CFL I can live with.


Well done! BTW - if you have a closed composting system, a little meat here and there won't hurt it. They always say no meat to reduce vermin. If they can't get at it (like in a tumbler), it doesn't matter. Also, Norma told me that rabbits really like dandelions so they'll go for those over your home-grown produce. Now THAT is a win-win!

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