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Sure Signs: A Spring Top-Ten List

I know I'm a few days early -- but I'm declaring it official here in my neck of the woods: Spring has arrived! 

How can I tell?  Here are my Top-Ten Sure Signs of Spring:

10. The seed and gardening catalogs are arriving faster than I can look at them.

March 15 004

9.  The snow has melted in my back yard, exposing months-worth of soggy, partially decayed dog poop.  (I'll spare you the photo. . . and just let you imagine this scene for yourself.)

8.  Garden Conference "season" has begun!  (Sandie and I had a great time at the West Michigan Network of Landscape Architects March Garden Day conference in Grand Haven over the weekend.)

Garden conference 001

7.  I can smell that the skunks are out of hibernation. . . but not moving quite fast enough to cross the roads without incident.


Photo courtesy of The Heart of New England.

6.  Daffodils are popping up!  This little clump is out near my mailbox.

March 15 017

5.  Other green growies (like this dwarf iris) are making an appearance in my garden.

March 15 013

4.  The robins are back!  (I finally saw my first robin of the season last Friday.  I never thought they'd get here this year. . .)

Am Robin

Photo copyright 2006 John Maskell

3.  My daughter is home for spring break (where she maintains that strange nocturnal existence so typical of college students).

Erin on break 016

2.  The clocks have sprung-forward (making me feel as out-of-kilter as the this clock looks. . .).

March 15 003

1.  My Lenten rose is soon to bloom!  I think my favorite of all spring flowers is the Lenten rose.  I'm always charmed by this beautiful flower . . . knowing that it's down there, under the snow, getting ready to bloom just for me . . . once the snow melts.

March 15 007 

I know that Spring is fickle.  I'm pretty sure we're in for more nasty weather.  But it really doesn't matter anymore.  Sure signs all around tell me. . . Spring is here!


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Thanks for reminding me to go out and check on my Lenten Roses now that the snow has melted.


Thanks for the laugh (9) and is that an American (US) robin or Canadian robin (4). We had Canadians all winter, for some reason.


You season might be ahead of ours! Except the robins. Many hang around here all winter. Can't wait to see your yard come to life.


Yup, looks like spring to me! Wonderful pictures with actual green in them. We are still snow with some mud. augh.

Diana Troldahl

I think we're a week behind you, but I can hear lots more birdsong!


Wonderful post!


Great list. Hellebores are one of my favorites! The best I have are some bulbs just starting to poke through and my iris cristata starting to look green again.


Loved your post filled with pretty pictures! I just bought some Dahlia bulbs and wondering if I should wait a week before planting them. Dahlia's and Zinnias are my favorite flowers. I hope this weekend gets me out in the sunshine!

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