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After my workout yesterday, when I got back to my car in the parking lot of the gym, I noticed a trail of what appeared to be anti-freeze near my car door.  My first thought -- that can't be from MY car, can it?   Closer inspection showed a fresh puddle under my car, though.  Uh-oh.  A discussion with my dad (any car issues in our family are first triaged through my dad!) suggested that the likely culprit was a hose.  Or a water pump. 

So today, my trusty Subaru is visiting my trusty mechanic.  And me?  I'm stranded.

Well, that's not entirely true.  I do have Anna with me. . . of course.

So, what am I doing?  Stranded here at home?

I'm preparing Erin's room for her spring break visit next week.

Stranded 004 

I hadn't actually cleaned up her room since she left after the holidays (I subscribe to the "why bother" school of housekeeping theory.  As in "why bother" . . . since no one is using the room right now anyway.)  But today I straightened up and changed the sheets, etc.  I hate to go into her room these days.  It's not that it's "sad" for me.  It's just that she has changed so much since she went away to college three years ago --- and her room. . . hasn't.  It's full of The Things She Left Behind.  Rubbermaid bins full of stuff she doesn't want to get rid of. . . but doesn't want, either.  Old trophies.  High school memorabilia.  Posters and photos from "another time."  Teen-age detritus.  Hideous wall painting (that, trust me, looked "so cool" when she was 14!).  SpongeBob.  It's best if I just . . . close the door.  But her room will come back to life for a few days next week --- and then she'll breeze out again. . . probably leaving more Stuff She Doesn't Want Anymore in her wake!

And I'm cleaning out and organizing my sewing/knitting room.

Stranded 007 

All I have to say is this:  Do Not Allow Me to Buy Any More Yarn.  I have yarn enough to knit for years.  (I was going to say "for the rest of my life" --- but I have new appreciation for that phrase now, and I don't use it very often.  I hope I do have time to knit every inch of yarn in my stash -- and that I actually run out at some point when I'm still around to purchase more.)  My entire approach to knitting from now on will be this:  if I want to knit something and I do not have the appropriate yarn in the required amount already sitting in my closet/plastic bin/wicker basket. . . I will find something else to knit.  I will NOT buy any more yarn.  I'm sort of disgusted with myself, but this will pass (once I close the closet doors and move on).

And I'm doing some knitting.  (Just to clarify -- the yarn for this WAS already in my closet.)

Stranded 005 

I'm going on a little vacation (somewhere warm!) later on this month, and I decided I might like a summer sweater for my trip.  This is Green Gable from Rachel Bishop (who used to Zephyr Knits, but is now Knit LuLu).  It's bright and sunny, and seems a bit out of place at this time of year.  But that's what Spring Break is all about, isn't it?  (I'm really hoping that neckline straightens out with some blocking, because it's not making me happy right now.)

I'm getting a lot of things done today.  Every once in a while, it's good to be stranded!  


Purchase of the week!

I stopped in at Michael's earlier this week (before all the anti-freeze dripped out of my car) for something -- and I found THESE at the check-out counter:

Stranded 002 

CHEATERS!  For $2.99 a pair!!!!  They had lots of bright colors, sparkly bits, geometric designs -- and a lot of animal prints (giraffe, tiger, leopards and zebra) to choose from.  (I don't tend to go for the animal prints myself -- but if you do -- it was a regular SAFARI!)  Anyway, thought I'd pass the info along.  Cheaters.  Michael's.  $2.99.  Who knew?


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I hope the car is okay soon. Would she notice if you thinned out her room a bit? Lovely cheaters! I really do think Michaels carries a bit of everything these days.



Hopefully the car won't need a "big fix". It's hard to get rid of childhood memorabilia when you're still young. Maybe she'll start winnowing it soon. My approach to yarn purchasing is the same as yours...however, if I see a project I MUST do NOW, I'll buy the yarn. I'm trying not to be too tough on myself. A vacation in a warm spot sounds like heaven!


Your cheaters made me smile bigtime!


Your knitting/sewing room made me smile bigtime!


I once suggested to Caitlin that she got rid of some of the Beanie Babies that festoon one of her bookcases. She removed 2.

Isn't it strange that the stuff in their room grows but your DVD collection shrinks?


Lovely color for the Green Gable! I hope it all works out as you want.

I am trying to use up some "deep stash." I've told myself for every 1000 yd of it I knit up, I can buy some (a skein or 2) luxury yarn that I have been coveting. I'm 200 yd in.


My girls have been out of the house for years now, and I'm still dealing with their stuff. At first, I didn't want to get rid of any of it either, because then I'd have to face the fact that I was an empty nester. Now I'm ruthless. Ruthless!!! Out it all goes. But there's so much of it, it seems to be taking me awhile, alas.

And some day, I will have to deal with my multiple copies of various Norton Anthologies.

(I aspire to having a sewing room someday. Yours is awesome.)


I am with you... that is with the total disgust with the enormity of my yarn collection. Love Green Gable! Just purchased the pattern and I too happen to have Cotton Fleece living amongst my stash :)

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