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Round this Week Up. Please.

This has been a busy, scrambled, emotional week.  Busy. . . well, that's self-explanatory.  Scrambled. . . adjusting to the time change (which gets me every time!) and having Erin home.  Emotional. . . well, in addition to yesterday's post, we've been riding the relationship roller coaster this week.  We cover the spectrum.  We have one kid singing "Breaking Up is Hard to do" while the other is humming "Your Love is Lifting Me Higher."  It's been quite something.  I'm ready to round this week up and move on to the weekend.


First up. . . check this out! 

March 19 013 

Nothing brings a smile quite like a blooming crocus!


Next . . . my Purchase of the Week!

Liberty 001 

I knew that the Liberty of London for Target line was debuting last Sunday, but I didn't have time to head over to Target to check it out right away.  I figured it would be long picked over by now, but there was actually quite a selection of items throughout the store when I was there earlier today.

Liberty 002 

Erin didn't quite share my enthusiasm, but she humored me as I picked through every Liberty for Target display I found.  (I was very excited.)


Knitting has been . . . slow this week.  Not much accomplished.  My sweater looks pretty much like it did last week.  Maybe a few inches longer.  I'll probably finish up over the weekend.

Changes 006 

Since I don't have any substantial knitting content this week, check out this video clip (originally shared by Diana).  Wish I could knit that fast. . .


And, because it's just been That Kind of Week, I'll end with a card I especially like.


Have a fabulous weekend!


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Sounds like quite the week for all of you. o.0

Looks like you got the best of what Liberty@Target had to offer. I looked around during the week and didn't see a single thing that appealed to me. I may be becoming overly picky as I get older. o.0

At least, you ARE knitting.



Wishing you a terrific weekend, too!

I haven't been to Target, though I have a list I keep adding to... perhaps a weekend break. I could be wrong, but I'd bet there's good pickin's yet over here.

Erin Mulhern

dum de dum de dum...I am humming...dum de doo


It's so tough to be young and tough for a mother dealing with the emotions of the young. Must make a trip to Target, your purchases are grand!
The gas commercial never gets old and Mae West is a hoot.


I love Liberty. I've always loved Liberty but part of its cachet was its exclusiveness. I just can't get on board with it offered at Target. I don't know...

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