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Making Sense . . . of the Census

I got my census form last week.

Census 001 

Two of them, actually.  One in the mail, at my house.  One hanging on the doorknob, up at our cottage (Tom went up for a day of fishing and found it there).  The census form is simple and direct.  Unless you have two of 'em.  Then. . . the directions are a bit murky.  I know we don't double-dip.  But it's not real clear . . . what you DO.

Then, there's this:

Census 006 

In the left hand column, it instructs you - very clearly - NOT to include "college students living away from home."  Okay, clear enough. 

But then, later. . .

Census 007

it ASKS you if "Person X" lives or stays somewhere else. . . like in college housing.  Would that be. . . the person you weren't supposed to include in the first place?

Don't get me started on what to do about the fact that I have TWO census forms. . . and that we sometimes DO "live or stay somewhere else" -- like "at a seasonal or second residence." 

Simple form. . . unless you can't make any "census" of it.


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Good thing it's only every ten years.


It's the government. Why would you expect it to make any sense?


A couple other people and I were working on the IRS form to apply for 501(c)(3) status for our library friends group. Government forms = not necessarily logical.


But not totally surprising.


Heheheee,,, I find it amusing :)


Just use your intuition. They just want to count everyone once - and it probably took years of meetings and discussions just to come up with that form :)


Well, I'm glad it's you who needs to figure out government speak and not me. ;-)


Not sure what to tell you on the census - but I love that Snow White thing, and the orange green gable. I love green gable - I've actually made 3! Awesome and flattering pattern.

are you leaving soon for that vaca?

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