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Just Throw Anna from the Train

I listen to audiobooks when I knit, and sometimes when I walk.  But lately, I've been listening to an audiobook ALL the time.  Not because it's so engrossing (although it is one of The Greats) -- but because. . . It Never Ends.

Yes.  I'm still listening to Anna Karenina

I'm listening to Anna while I knit. . .

Listening to anna 005 

And I'm listening to Anna while I clean the bathrooms. . .

Listening to anna 009 

And I'm listening to Anna while I cook dinner. . .

Listening to anna 012 

And I'm listening to Anna while I walk the dog. . .

Listening to anna 020 

Basically, for me, it's All Anna All the Time.  At this point, I'm about 28 hours in. . . with about 12 hours remaining.  Tolstoy is brilliant . . . but he surely didn't mince words.  I'm ready for it to end.  Somebody - anybody - just throw Anna from the train!


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For your sake, I hope it's over soon. Although, I think it's unfair that the doggie doesn't get to listen, too. ;^)



I had a summer, many years ago, when Anna traveled with me everywhere I went. She and I went canoeing, to the beach, to work. I'm pretty sure I even took her on a date or two. By the end of the summer the book was swollen from being splashed and the cover was nearly torn off.


It's been years since I've listened to a classic (but I did read a few in the last couple of years for bookclub). You are very brave to tackle something that deep! Keep going, you'll be glad you did.


Love that book. I have to say--War and Peace is even longer and the names even more confusing. Argh! Perhaps before tackling that you should take a break! Great photographs!


I've yet to get a book on my iPod. I'm always afraid of not enjoying the voice of the reader or being somewhat distracted and not really listening. Plus I give all my books to one of my daughters-in-law who enjoys reading as much as I do!


I listen to audio books all the times you describe, but I've never listened to Anna Karenina. One of the good/bad things about audio books is that you can't skim through the dull parts.


What version do you have? In 2004 I bought Audible's unabridged version, narrated by Davina Porter, but couldn't listen to it because the sound quality was so bad. Eventually I bought their unabridged version -- a mere six hours -- but I'd really like to listen to the unabridged... if I could get good sound quality.


Audio books are wonderful. They compliment knitting and (in my case currently) needlepoint to occupy the mind completely.

The downnside to audio books is that you have to keep listening if you want to get to the end, no speed reading to get the gist and find out how it ends. I recently listened to 'The Historian' by Elizabeth Kostova which dragged like anything about from halfway through. I was tempted to stop listening, go to a book shop and stand and extract the juice of it! I persisted.

My favourite place to listen is on the train between Leeds (Yorkshire) and London. A two hour train trip when I sit in the midst of other business people plugged in and knitting a sock.

Kay - From the Back Yard

Some years back, I read Anna Karenina. I remember being befuzzled about how much was written about the farmer, which I thought was "filler." As if the book needed any. :)

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, too, and podcasts galore. It really is a good thing while knitting.


You've convinced me to try my first audio book!! I have this fear that I will mess up my knitting because I'm concentrating on what the reader is saying. Will pick something "light" for my first selection and let you know how it goes!


OK--I'm "in!" Just joined "Audible" and downloaded a Luanne Rice book. My question to all of you--do you get your books from the library or do you buy them on line?? Guess I should have asked this before I paid my money! LOL!!


I minored in Russian in college, and I couldn't force myself to finish Anna in English. I couldn't stand her as a character. I've read that Tolstoy didn't like her much either (he liked Kitty who was modeled on his wife) and grew bored with her.

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