Hear Me Roar

I'm as Free as a Bird Now

Soundtrack. . .

My jumble the other day?  Birds

Free birds 012 

Free birds.  (Or, at least birds from a free pattern!)

Free birds 003 

I love birds!  Especially whimsical, charming little birds!

Free birds 001 

Birds make me think of spring.

Free birds 002 

And gardening.

Free birds 014 

And warm sunshine.

Free birds 004 

What a great way to practice your crochet skills. . . and bring a little sunshine into your day!

I'm as free as a bird. . .


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Wait, are you the one weaving up the aisle at every damned rock concert, flicking your Bic and hollering, "Free Bird!"?

Nah, I didn't think so. (I especially like the Robin Redbreast -- so cute!)



You find the cutest patterns!


Oh how fun!! I want flocks of them!!!


Oh! They are as cute as the minions and twice as springtimey! Sweet.


I never would have guessed! I love birds and your birds are darling!!


So very beautiful!

I wonder what will happen if we hang a few of those near our bird feeders :)

I think I know how to crochet those,,, maybe,,,,


Absolutely lovely. And once again you pick one of my all time favorite tracks. x

Diana Troldahl

Adorable! i think it would have made a good vest, too :-}


Wow! Absolutely beautiful Kym. Thanks so much for that!

Erin Mulhern

I love that Robbin!

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