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After making my little crochet birds. . . I decided to just keep crocheting with my brightly colored stash of cotton yarn and switch over to potholders.  In fact, I decided to join the Potholder Swap on Ravelry.

Potholders 006 

I carefully read the directions for the swap. . . because you must follow the Rules of the Swap in order to participate.

Five potholders. . . same pattern.  CHECK.

Vary the colors.  CHECK.

6 - 9 inches across.  CHECK.

Double thickness.  CHECK.

Edges crocheted together.  CHECK.

Reasonably tight gauge.  CHECK.

100% cotton yarn; no blends.  CHECK.

Potholders 004

Hmmmm.  Let's go back to that last one.  100% cotton yarn; no blends.  Uh-oh.  Until I was on my last potholder, I just assumed Cotton-Ease was. . . cotton.  I didn't even check.  But it's not.  I should've guessed.  I mean, I know Wool-Ease is Not-Really-Wool.  The alarm bells should've been going off in my head. . . warning me that Cotton-Ease might be Not-Really-Cotton.  So, I'm disqualified.  Inappropriate content. 

Oh well, I still end up with five potholders.  I just won't be in on the swap.  Oops!  There's a lesson here.  When content matters. . . check the label!


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They're so cute, too.


Read the comes down to that in many parts of life. Cute pot holders!!


Bummer for them but un-bummer for you! They are really cute! Do they take much time to make? I am a novice at crocheting!!

heather jane

Those pot holders are seriously cute. I love the colors! Someone is missing out big time...


I was hoping you would get one of mine and I would get one of yours in the swap. I made Motif #30!


They are still a little bit of spring sunshine to gaze upon! Beautiful Kym.

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